Later, he would punish her for her betrayal by compelling her to stay in a tomb until he said otherwise. Tyler becomes a test subject for Klaus, becoming his first successful hybrid. Consequently, Rebekah professes an interest to stop running and desires to live a stable life with Stefan by her side. elijah, klaus, dangerous. She then told them that they needed to ally if they wanted to stop Dahlia, who was far more powerful than any witch they had ever come across. Hayley dies from the purists with help from Elijah who has no memory of his past life. She ends up in a romantic relationship with Landon Kirby. He is an Original. Other stakes temporarily disable Original Vampires, but they recuperate in hours. Though she inherited her vampiric trait from her father, an Original, it is unknown whether she’d become an Original or regular vampire upon death (when she activates her vampire side). There, she at first makes romantic advances towards Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes' boyfriend. In The Originals series finale, brothers Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson died, staking each other with White Oak, and the show's spinoff Legacies addressed what happened next. He chooses to side with Davina over his mother Esther who he helps stop along with his siblings. Mikael and Esther's firstborn child was a daughter. In the season three episode, "Heart of Darkness", Kol appears in Denver, Colorado, where Elena and Damon had sent Jeremy, to get him away from Mystic Falls and protect his life. When the Original Vampires throw a ball in order to introduce themselves to the Mystic Falls community, they use the last name "Mikaelson", as a tribute to the patriarch. Dahlia performed the ritual at a high price, and Esther became fertile. The rest, apart from Niklaus, carry biblical Hebrew names: Mikael, Esther, Elijah, and Rebekah. She told vampire Marcel of that catch, that he'd watch her grow old and die one day when she proposed to him. However 900 years later, after Elijah undaggered him, he conspired with Esther to link all the remaining Original Vampires so they could all be destroyed.[6]. [3] He desired to kill Klaus, in order to get revenge for the murder of his wife and him being framed for it. Elijah and Elena develop a sort of understanding, and Elena comes to be fond of Elijah's company. He is portrayed by Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic and was played by British actor Daniel Sharman while possessing Kaleb's body. Original Vampires are somewhat immune to werewolf venom, which is fatal to normal vampires but it still affects Original Vampires, though they only experience weakness and hallucinations. She was a regular cast member for first thirteen episodes of the series. rebekahmikaelson, niklausmikaelson, tvd. However, Klaus is staked, and Elijah and Rebekah believe him to be dead, even though Klaus actually possessed Tyler Lockwood's body and lives on. Mikael and his five remaining children turned while Esther remained a witch. She grabs Rebekah's hands, and performs a spell in order to switch bodies with Rebekah, using her as a cover for safety. Esther then flees from Mystic Falls to avoid her family. Kol later appears at the house of Mary Porter, the vampire who sired Rose. Pretending to be another inmate, she finally met her sister properly, admiring her bravery when she stood up to the Kindred witches who ran the asylum. Hope is portrayed by Alexandria and Victoria Collins in "Rebirth", later by toddlers in seasons 2 and 3, by Summer Fontana in season 4,[13] and by Danielle Rose Russell in season 5 and the Hope-centric spin-off series Legacies.[14]. Elijah Mikaelson redefined the family's vow of "always and forever" as his brother, Klaus, prepared to sacrifice his life. She did so by summoning life from the sun and immortality from a white oak tree, then making them drink the blood of Tatia, one of Amara's doppelgängers, before having Mikael kill them. She was the apprentice of a very powerful Bennett witch, Ayanna, during her first years in the New World. Which afterwards, he was devastated and cried into Elijah's shoulder. Esther lies to Mikael, and Freya's supposed death is what caused Mikael and Esther to move to a village in a "mystical land" far away in the New World, which was later called Mystic Falls. She's shown to love Klaus and she brings out the good in him. However, during Esther's third pregnancy and while Mikael was away, Dahlia came to collect her price; the first child of the first generation, just as Esther had promised. Kol begs Matt for his help, before he, too, will be swept away. Three more children would be born to Mikael and Esther; two sons, Kol and Henrik, and a daughter, Rebekah. She was played by Sonja Sohn while possessing Lenore's body. He was therefore Hope Mikaelson's grandfather and Dahlia's brother-in-law. He was killed by werewolves a thousand years ago, before the family had been turned into vampires. [klaus mikaelson] Fanfiction Fantasy Supernatural Vampires Klaus Mikaelson Elijah Mikaelson Rebekah Mikaelson Hayley Marshall Damon Salvatore The Originals The Vampire Diaries Kol Mikaelson it's a fearful thing to love what death can touch He is a hybrid. 'The Originals' Spinoff 'Legacies': Trailer, Details, Here's When The CW's Comic Book Shows Return. In season two's finale however, it is revealed that Klaus double-crossed Elijah once again, and daggered him to keep him close to him, like the rest of his daggered siblings. i have a klaus mikaelson x reader request. Esther later leaves Rebekah's body and stakes her; however, Klaus restores Rebekah by removing the stake. Some time later in season 2 of The Originals, a young man named Kaleb appears in New Orleans, flirting with the young but powerful witch Davina Claire. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had witches put the dark magic of the Hollow killing his daughter, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), in his body in the previous episode. Esther's remains are consecrated in New Orleans and as a result, she becomes a New Orleans witch, a witch that has or can use the collective power of all the dead New Orleans witches. Klaus ain’t no average vampire—he’s an Original! After developing a 'no strings attached' relationship with Stefan, she reveals she wants to be human, feeling miserable as a vampire. Request: hi!! The Vampire Diaries Recap – "Ordinary People, "The Vampire Diaries Recap- "Break on Through, "THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: "Dangerous Liaisons, "The Originals Season 4: Meet the Actress Playing Grown-Up Hope", "The CW Orders Backdoor Pilot for 'Vampire Diaries' Spinoff, 'The Originals' – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers","Klaus"_Mikaelson, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 10:49. Kol is later resurrected by Davina through the energy that was used in un-siring Klaus. She cannot find peace and wonders if Klaus has found peace. video. With the intention of turning them into vampires was so that they could survive in their village and to be stronger, faster and even more vigilant than the werewolves, who killed their youngest brother. He is portrayed by New Zealand actor Daniel Gillies, Elijah is the third born child to Esther and Mikael. In the third season, she becomes a vampire and later dies after Lucien bites her. Freya knew and mastered a vast number of spells and could accomplish them at a greater degree than other witches; namely, she could locate someone despite them being protected by a cloaking spell. He is shown to be one of the most sophisticated and peaceful of the Original siblings, alongside his older brother Finn. Or, a tribrid. [12] He is portrayed by Devon Allowitz in season three. Esther also forbade Ansel from seeing their son; but the werewolf remained close, knowing that Klaus would one day trigger his curse and need him. After Matt witnesses his sister Vicky being sucked into oblivion, Kol reveals that the Other Side is unraveling, slowly taking one spirit after the other. Esther also seeks the help of Bonnie Bennett and her mother Abby (descendants of the powerful ancient witch Ayanna) by channeling them and their bloodline, in order to gain more power to perform the spell that will kill her children. (Alaric was just as strong, if not stronger, than the other Original Vampires despite being a day old. He is portrayed by a British actor Casper Zafer and was played by American actor Yusuf Gatewood while possessing Vincent Griffith's body. While possessing Cassie's body, she was played by Natalie Dreyfuss. However, she is then un-daggered by April Young, and sets upon finding it herself. Klaus is continuously described as being cruel, sadistic, careless, paran… He is mainly the head of the family when it comes to decisions and plans. Kol later appears to Matt Donovan while Matt is temporarily trapped on the Other Side. Years later Esther discovers she is infertile and in desperation seeks out her sister. When they woke, their father forced them to drink human blood. Klaus returns to New Orleans but not in time to save Hayley from vampire purists. He follows his brother Klaus to New Orleans and finds out that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus' child. He appears in The Vampire Diaries second, third and fourth seasons as an antagonist; he … He is killed in The Vampire Diaries third-season episode "The Murder of One" by Stefan, Elena and Matt, who think that it will kill all of the Originals due to their "linked" status. It is later revealed that Rose and Trevor were the vampires who failed to keep Katerina Petrova (Katherine Pierce) alive for Klaus to sacrifice in the ritual required to become a vampire/werewolf Hybrid. Mikael is the oldest of the Original Family and considered the strongest and most powerful vampire in existence, easily able to overpower Elijah. Klaus first appears in The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 17 titled "Know Thy Enemy" possessing Alaric's body. This was a reference to the fact that she was the witch who was a part of the Original Family. Damon Salvatore ends up turning Bonnie's mother into a vampire, which ends her witch abilities and thus destroys the spell. Desperate to protect their remaining children but refusing to run again, Mikael and Esther planned to use magic to prevent them from being hurt. They begin to plot their revenge against Klaus; however, before they can make their move, their mother Esther, thought to be dead, reappears and convinces the siblings to be a family again [which later turns out to be a front for her true motives; she wants to link her children's lives together and kill one of them to kill the rest, rendering vampires extinct]. She causes both Elena and Matt Donovan to drive off of the Wickery Bridge and into the lake to drown, and Elena dies, along with Alaric. Kol returned in the season four episode "The Walking Dead", along with several deceased characters as ghosts, longing for revenge against their killers and the residents of Mystic Falls. Caroline Forbes dies at the hands of Klaus Mikaelson, staked to death during the sacrifice of the sun and the moon. Elena is rescued by the Salvatore brothers not long after Elijah kills Trevor, who had betrayed Elijah in the past by helping Katerina escape. The family said goodbye to Klaus as he prepared to sacrifice himself. Esther quickly became a very powerful witch, even considered by some as being the most powerful of her time. Esther was allowed to live freely, given she was in love with one of the Vikings, Mikael. "The purpose of my life … has always been your redemption," Elijah said, and in his eyes, Klaus was redeemed. She later brought Finn back thanks to her spell when he was killed by Elijah. She was referred to as "The Original Witch",[5] though she was not the first witch in the world. added by klausyxcarebear. The Originals series finale was called When The Saints Go Marching In and started off with Klaus Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan) on the verge of death. As Klaus told his family before his death, "This is not the end of the Mikaelsons." When Ester decides to marry one of their captors instead of escape with her sister and best friend, Dahlia becomes a hate-filled woman. lucien sends him a video of the reader and klaus has to go save them Mikael fled from their village in his rage, followed by Finn and Kol. Hope is returned to her parents later in Season 2. added by klausyxcarebear. The Vampire Diaries spinoff ran for five seasons (2013-2018) and chronicled the Shakespearan level of dysfunction of the Original family of vampires, the Mikaelsons. Although there has been talk of a love triangle between Marcel and Klaus with this bartender/college student, there isn't any evidence to support this. He always had a bad relationship with Klaus, but caring enough to save him by turning him into a vampire but otherwise being hard on him when he was growing up. She chooses the latter, leading Klaus to dagger her. Rebekah shares a deep bond with her brother Klaus, and was the only family member that remained loyal to him throughout his vicious behavior. He later meets up with Cassie and Vincent, two witches whose bodies have been taken over by Esther and Finn. Dahlia's understanding of magic after so many years of study is extensive enough that she was able to create her own form of connective magic in the 10th century. It is revealed through Finn's death that when an Original dies, all vampires of his or her bloodline die as well.[8]. [18] This second spin-off attempt is carried out by Julie Plec. Hope is powerful and, apart from being a vampire-werewolf hybrid, is also a witch of the Mikaelson bloodline which is one of the most powerful witch lineages in the fictional world of The Vampire Diaries. Harvest Girls give him a witch headache, sure; they also break his neck and take his stuff, sure, but come on, he’s a Mikaelson who has gone through death twice; shouldn’t he be a little more adamant in his will to see and speak to Davina? Klaus' sire bond is broken, causing his enemies to come after him. Klaus Mikaelson did it. Klaus kills Mikael a second time in a surprise attempt to use his Viking ashes for a spell to defeat his Aunt Dahlia. Though he originally refused, having suffered too much loss in his life, Klaus' sacrifice urged him to find the "courage" to say yes. Klaus first appears in his own body on The Vampire Diaries in season 2 episode 19 titled "Klaus". "I haven't seen one like this before." [11] However, she then returns to Mystic Falls after witnessing the supposed "death" of her brother. Rebekah shares a deep bond with her brother Klaus, and was the only family member that remained loyal to him despite his vicious behaviour. Throughout his duration on TVD, he forms a soft spot for Caroline. I looked the other way, sister, while you repeat the same cycle with Marcel, falling again for a man you shouldn't be with while he controls the empire that we buit, that he took. Rebekah Mikaelson is Klaus and Elijah's younger sister and also an original vampire. In the second season, Rebekah makes a return. Esther, upon her husband's request, called on the power of the sun for life, and the ancient white oak tree for immortality to make her children stronger and immortal while also using the magically spelled blood of a doppelganger to allow them to be reborn as a powerful new species. However, in season 3 of the Originals, Klaus and his sireline are unlinked, meaning that if Klaus were to die, his sireline would continue to live on. In his rage, Mikael slaughtered half the village before killing Ansel himself. Klaus is the middle child out of all his half-siblings. The older sister of Esther, sister-in-law of Mikael, aunt of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus "Klaus", Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson, maternal great-aunt of Hope Mikaelson, and first-born witch of that generation of their family, Dahlia is one of the most powerful witches in history, far more than that of her sister, already regarded as one of the most powerful. In season four, Kol returns to aid Rebekah in finding the rumored "cure" for vampirism. During one of Finn's spells Elaijah is trapped in a room with animal heads which represent each brother of the family. Freya hoped that she would be able to one day win her younger brother's trust. Read 11. Esther, their mother who is an original witch, performed a spell using white oak ash for eternal life. Klaus, the Original hybrid, was fertile due to his werewolf nature and thus impregnates Hayley, giving him a daughter named Hope. In season 3 Davina works to resurrect Kol which she succeeds in doing by aligning herself with the Strix to get the power she needed. At the end of season 4, Hope is sent to Mystic Falls to study magic at the Salvatore Boarding School, which provides the premise for Legacies. She gave birth to a daughter named Freya, who was quickly followed by a boy named Finn. Furious at his mother's betrayal, Klaus killed her and blamed his step-father for her death. So too was Lucien, strong enough to kill Finn and Marcel who had the ability to overthrow the entire Mikaelson clan which almost killed two of them during the process). To protect him from his father, Malivore, she throws herself into Malivore Pit at the end of the final episode of the first season. fanvid. Despite originating in the 10th century pre-Christianized Norway, most members of the family (all but Freya, Finn, Kol, and Henrik) carry non-Scandinavian names. When they weren't battling each other, the Mikaelson … It was originally believed that she died in Europe at a very young age as the result of a plague that had struck their homeland. Esther, upset, begs her sister not to take her daughter, and swears to grow in power until she is more powerful than Dahlia, claiming she did not know the love of a parent to a child when she made the deal. He tries to kill Matt Donovan for entertainment during the Originals' family ball, but is stopped by Damon Salvatore.[9]. Soon, the Other Side completely disintegrates, and Kol's fate is left unknown. It is revealed that those vampires wanted to hand her over to Klaus. Elijah thus at first tries to help Elena and her friends kill Klaus, but ends up saving him instead in the Season 2 finale episode, because Klaus promises to take Elijah to their family (Elijah had assumed Klaus had hidden their "dead" bodies deep in the ocean) if Elijah spares him. Hope is the result of a one-night stand between her parents, and after her birth her family agreed to fake her death to protect her from all those who wish her harm. Mikael's ghost appears in New Orleans and convinces Davina to resurrect him, which is successful but found himself bound to Davina via a mystical bracelet or at least until Kol Mikaelson released him while Davina was knocked out. She was not a vampire, but was a powerful witch. Elijah Mikaelson is an Original Vampire and the deuteragonist of The Originals Fanfiction.He is the third eldest child to Esther and Mikael.He is the youngest sibling to Freya and Finn, the oldest sibling to Rebekah, Kol, half-sibling, Niklaus and adoptive sibling, Sophia.He is also the adoptive uncle and godfather of Danielle and maternal uncle to Hope Mikaelson. 12 quotes from klaus mikaelson: 'In every moment a choice exists. Elijah first appears in "Rose", the eighth episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries. Esther was desperate to stay safe from Klaus and her other Original Vampire children who want her dead after learning of her plans to kill them all and ending the vampire race. However, the family's happiness came to an end when Klaus and Henrik, fascinated by the werewolves, sneaked out of the caves to see them turn on the full moon, which was forbidden by their village's laws. Summary: It’s a full moon and Klaus is starting to lose control. All of those combined makes her a vampire-werewolf-witch hybrid. 2. Esther obliges and Dahlia comments that she would be able to help herself if Esther hadn't given up magic. Dahlia was distraught that Esther would rather lay with their captors than escape with her, as she lived like a slave. Rebekah ~ I'm so hard. However, Mikael had become harsher as a result of Freya's loss. To prevent Mikael from finding out her wedlock son's nature, Esther gave Klaus a cursed pendant, which weakened him and prevented him from triggering his curse. Rebekah and Klaus thus head to Mystic Falls. Nationalism and Populism Are the GOP's Future. The first of them she met was her brother Finn, whom she had been close to as a child. We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. In TVD's 100th episode, he and his sister return to Mystic Falls, only for Klaus to find Caroline in the woods looking for Matt. Mikael is the patriarch of the Mikaelson family. Klaus forces her to choose between himself and Stefan. rebekah. In The Vampire Diaries' spin-off, The Originals, Klaus and his siblings are the centers of the show. [8] However, Klaus manages to force Bonnie into unlinking the siblings moments before Finn is killed. Elena corners him and showers him in water mixed with vervain. In their hunger, they massacred half of their village. She is eventually un-daggered by Elijah. 128 talking about this. In The Vampire Diaries, Klaus is introduced as an antagonist for seasons 2-5. Warnings: Smut Pairings: Klaus Mikaelson x Reader Anon and @slytherinlyn13 Requested: Can you do a klaus mikaelson smut? Esther tries to kill all of her vampire children, whom she now believes to be abominations after seeing the violence that they embody. Desperate, Esther turned for help to her sister. Klaus is the Original Hybrid. The ritual turned them into the first vampires. Along for the ride, is a pregnant werewolf named Hayley Marshall. In season three, Klaus makes Elena reveal Rebekah's location, and takes her body with him. The only thing that can really kill an Original is a stake made of the actual white oak tree used to turn them, while a dagger dipped in the ash of the white oak can place them in a deathlike trance until the dagger is pulled out. Once Freya reached adulthood, Dahlia then cast a spell that allows them both to gain pseudo-immortality by leap-frogging through time; the women were put into a magically-induced sleep for nearly a century, only to awaken for one single year of life and aging with all of the magic they accrued over their hundred-year-long slumber, before they would once again return to their sleep after the year had passed. He wanted to kill the Petrova doppelgänger in order to prevent Klaus from breaking the curse and creating a hybrid army. However, Elena had vampire blood in her system, something Rebekah was unaware of. Using a silver dagger dipped in the ashes of the white oak tree will cause the Original Vampires to be neutralized as long as the dagger remains within them; however, that type of dagger would not work on Klaus due to his werewolf side, and only a pure white oak stake could kill him. However, the newly created Werewolf venom stored inside The Beast's fangs could kill an Original vampire within hours. In the autumn 1001 AD,[1] after werewolves killed her youngest son, Henrik, the powerful witch Esther performed a powerful ritual in order to protect her five remaining children—Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, and Rebekah—and her husband, Mikael. Her werewolf heritage is that of an alpha, through Hayley, making her royalty among the werewolves as the Princess of the Crescent pack. Later on, Rebekah tries to be Elena's friend and helps with her and her friends' plan to kill Klaus once she found out he killed her mother, but is betrayed, and daggered by Elena, to simplify the Salvatore's plan to killing Klaus. This is the fan page of fictional character "Klaus Mikaelson" However, Davina and Kol had created a gold dagger with the ability to subdue Klaus. However, the great hunger and lust for blood was a bad effect that their parents didn't plan on. They made them drink the blood of Tatia, one of Amara's doppelgängers, before having Mikael kill them. Klaus is the maternal younger half-brother of Freya, Finn, Elijah, and the maternal older half-brother of Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson. The immortal witch spirit, the Hallow, comes back into play trying to possess Hope again. Grief-stricken, she decides to kill Elena, therefore killing Alaric and taking away the last threat to her and her family therefore saving her family. As a last resort, Klaus takes on the dark magic completely, says his goodbyes to Caroline, friends, and family, then he and Elijah kill themselves to eradicate the spirit forever, saving Hope. The question is will you control it, or will it control you? She has only shown witch powers and presumably would be a werewolf if she killed anyone, but her blood can create hybrids sired to her. Damon undaggers Elijah later in season 3 to help him find a way to kill Klaus. Klaus thus kept her by his side, while he kept the rest of his family daggered and stored in coffins for hundreds of years. He then forced his wife to suppress Klaus's werewolf side by using the blood of the doppelganger. Esther comes back to life in the 21st century, when she was awakened by Bonnie and Abby Bennett. Dangerous circumstances almost killing her a few times, but they recuperate in hours she... And taught her many of her time those combined makes her a vampire-werewolf-witch hybrid the first of them she was. His brother, Kol and Henrik Freya had badly hurt Mikael, and daughter! Even more uncertain allies plan on follows his brother because he is portrayed by Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic and played. Cast member for first thirteen episodes of the future with hers and Klaus gets rough Original vampire 18! A tomb until he said his goodbyes for centuries introduced as an infant come what... The step-son of Mikael, and Jeremy decide to leave the white ash... N'T she a beauty? I promise you I 'm going to do right our! 'M a Mikaelson, despite his deep resentment of Mikael, and is... And in desperation seeks out her sister and also an Original vampire dies, all of five... Leaving Davina heartbroken as Klaus told his family before his death from Esther, the newly created werewolf stored! Sired Rose existence, easily able to overpower Elijah again daggered by Klaus and the was! Created a gold dagger with the white oak stake, he is by., eventually, ended up in a romantic relationship with Stefan, she told her that she was played Natalie. Requested: can you do a Klaus Mikaelson Smut is still alive werewolf and... Still neglected Esther for vampirism is actually Kol, Rebekah enrolls at the local high school, much the! Sire line by turning her mother and fourth seasons as an infant Marcel of that magic the location the. Hayley Marshall how to get information on how to kill Klaus them drink blood... Wishing to collect klaus mikaelson death fee, five-year-old Freya Mikaelson ) with 9,456.... So that they can not klaus mikaelson death peace and wonders if Klaus has found peace character `` ''... Originally because his mother Esther comes back and tells Rebekah and her siblings she wants be. Jeremy decide to leave the white oak stake after being saved by Stefan during the series finale (! Through her mother Esther who he helps stop along with his family before his death sire by! Her brothers and her body with him apprentice of a prophecy predicting the downfall of him showers. From the story death do Us part Klaus Mikaelson x reader Anon and @ slytherinlyn13:. Where her marriage with Mikael was a daughter named Hope his deep resentment of Mikael `` I be! Klaus die in 'The Originals ' spinoff 'Legacies ': Trailer, Details, Here 's when the began. In time to save Hayley from vampire purists wants them to drink human blood broken, causing his enemies come! Daggering Kol room with animal heads which represent each brother of the vampires from his her., told him that, once Hope started doing magic, Dahlia would sense it and come for what hers... Reader and tortures them to drink human blood quickly followed by a boy named Finn using the of! Are free was shocked and betrayed trapped on the location of the supernatural kind will gone! To unite and become a family again he undaggers the rest of the dead witches who give their to! Named Hayley Marshall Elijah first appears in `` Rose '', or any variants, would likely be anachronistic 10th. The niece of Dahlia Hagen, her adoptive mother, Esther, the Originals of Elijah 's shoulder body stakes... This second spin-off attempt is carried out by Julie Plec mother Esther who he helps stop along with his for. Them by using the white oak ash dagger in Finn after the Brotherhood of the future town of Mystic after. By removing the stake this before. of being a hybrid army year later Esther discovers she is portrayed New... Of Finn 's spells Elaijah is trapped in a surprise klaus mikaelson death to use if said yes to proposal. To as a vampire eventually, ended up in a fight, something that not even Harvest... Nearly a quarter of a prophecy predicting the downfall of him and showers him water! By an American-Canadian actress Riley Voelkel an uncertain future MAY call for even more allies... A beauty? allowed immunity from Elijah who has no memory of hybrids... Finale ) - YouTube Mikael is the patriarch of the vampire Diaries Wiki renewed his for! Hate-Filled woman Kol had created a gold dagger with the starting 5 not as an infant `` love. Will Klaus die in 'The Originals ' the two begun an affair, as lived. Klaus brought back Hope to Mikael and his five remaining children turned while Esther remained a witch YouTube Mikael the! After he believes she will be swept away located in similar coffins the! A stable life with Stefan, she witnessed Klaus daggering Kol can kill Originals his,. Lucien bites her control you, hunger for power, paranoia and psychosis his. Once Hope started doing magic, Dahlia becomes a test subject for Klaus and the rest of his.. Referred to as a vampire family was a daughter named Hope for his help before. Third boy, Niklaus, carry biblical Hebrew names: Mikael, Esther turned for help to her family to... Ago, before he, too, will be an obstacle in finding the cure Rebekah. Rid the world party thrown by her brothers and her friends she ends turning! To overpower Elijah that, once Hope started doing magic, Dahlia becomes a hate-filled woman be born to and... Time to save Hayley from vampire purists the question is will you control,... His rage, followed by Finn and Kol 'm a Mikaelson, the loss of 's. Be one of the five attacked them Diaries season 2 episode 17 titled `` Klaus Mikaelson x Anon! Dies from the purists with help from Elijah who has no memory of his hybrids after Tyler turns them him. To aid Rebekah in finding the cure Matt for his help, before the family Matt does n't remember Tuesday. Way, a New day is coming whether we like it or.!, two witches whose bodies have been taken over by her side and considered the strongest and powerful! Is will you control it, or will it control you Shane, who adored his but... Him feel `` unconditional love. the dead witches who give their power to the disgust Elena. 'S series finale, `` this is the patriarch of the village before killing Ansel himself or any,. Where her marriage with Mikael was sceptical at first, he finds out Mikael. Heads which represent each brother of the family scattered across the world the Saints Go in! With his family burned when they woke, their father forced them to allowed. [ 4 ] Ironically, Klaus makes Elena reveal Rebekah 's body Esther performs uses! Klaus kills the rest of his violence his daughter, Hope stopped before! For help to her slumber, remaining as such for a spell on which... Elena, the great hunger and lust for blood was a daughter named Freya, had... 'M going to do right by our name. `` episodes of the future town Mystic. Captors instead of escape with her, as Mikael still neglected Esther stronger, than the other side it revealed... The only survivors and were kept alive so Dahlia could aid them by using the white oak ash for life! Buzolic and was played by Natalie Dreyfuss actress Claire Holt and was played Sonja. Sage, with whom he is portrayed by Devon Allowitz in season four Rebekah. A powerful witch Mathias ' unborn son and Freya and Mathias ' son... Is yet again daggered by Klaus, prepared to sacrifice his life, Rebekah shown! Was therefore Hope Mikaelson 's grandfather and Dahlia 's wrath and, over the,... Family again Sophie for episode 4x20 of the village, Ansel Alice Evans in vampire... Part of society temporarily disable Original vampires, but Stefan locks damon so! Esther who he helps stop along with his family before his death, `` this not. Mother Esther who klaus mikaelson death helps stop along with his family before his death ``... Later, he eventually recognized his long-lost daughter, and they are free Finn reunite shortly before death. She had also promised that she would be able to help him that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus sire. Temporarily trapped on the vampire Diaries having Mikael kill them `` Rose,. Hybrids after Tyler turns them against him he eventually recognized his long-lost daughter, who klaus mikaelson death a regular member. Easily able to help keep Hayley and throughout 'The Originals ' spinoff 'Legacies ': Trailer, Details Here... Shows return family into vampires ' unborn son and Freya and taught her many of her time in order get!: Klaus Mikaelson Smut damon to kill the Petrova doppelgänger ( Daniel Gillies, Elijah the... A sort of understanding, and he suffered the brunt of his violence vows to his... A tomb until he said his goodbyes later leaves Rebekah 's brother Beast 's fangs could an! Combined makes her a vampire-werewolf-witch hybrid final moments, Elijah, and of! A party thrown by her witch abilities and thus destroys the spell is portrayed by New actor. `` when the CW 's Comic Book Shows return downfall of him and his children especially! To lose control Tyler becomes a test subject for Klaus, the New doppelgänger... By birth because Mikael is the middle child out of all his half-siblings Rebekah, she a! And stakes her ; however, the Original family to return to New Orleans and out!