warm water, eggs, oil, sugar, cake flour. The oil will leak and become messy. You can use the way you prepare Siu Bao for this pastry. Hi LP, Thanks, Therefore, the pastry made with anyone of them is easier to handle during shaping and folding, as long as you keep it chilled right before rolling it out. Hi KP, https://tasteasianfood.com/butter-cake/#7. So you may want to reduce the amount and substitute part of it with water should you choose evaporated milk over the normal full cream milk. Thank you for reaching out. Hi KP: Thank you for the detailed recipe! The purpose is to make it more elastic, so it will be less likely to break during stretching and rolling. Having them right out of the oven is a whole new experience against the lukewarm version you get from the store. You can mix the oil dough with a metal spoon if you opt not to use an electric food processor. Hi Mari, If you encounter leaking problems, I suggest you can freeze it first, but wait until it is JUST soft enough to roll. ,for speeding up the whipping process, not required in summer days. The plain flour in the recipe, is it all purpose flour? thank you, I accidentally forget to use short strokes, and maybe then I’ll dough has leaked out. 3. I was wondering if I wanted to make only have the amount of tarts, could I cut the dough in half, to make less tarts, and use the second half to roll out another time? Melt the sugar with water to make a simple syrup. And do you know of a way that we can make this without a food processor. I am lactose intolerant n is it possible to replace butter with lard mix with cooking oil? Thank you! The flour in the oil dough does not help to create the layer, but to keep the oil so that it will not be too runny and difficult to handle. Since the oil dough is very sticky, I only rely on my spoon, and not touching it with my hand. You can use confectioner sugar or castor sugar. Hi Ivy, Other than that, it should be as good as the larger one. I think there will be two small differences: Thanks. I am delighted it was a success, and more importantly, it makes your kids happy! Custard powder is made of cornstarch and egg flavor and coloring. Lucy, Hi Lucy, If that is the case, look for low gluten flour (those call cake flour or pastry flour). As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. And lastly add oil and well combined too. 1. Great video and recipe. KP Kwan. Hope you enjoy it. Basically just beat the eggs, mix together all the ingredients and bake. Thank you very much for sharing it. You need to fold and roll out at least three times, and four is better. 2. Long strokes can break the layers of the dough. KP Kwan. Thank you fro your time! I have corrected it immediately. Actually, lard has less saturated fat than butter so health wise, it’s better than butter. If you feel that it is too soft to handle, sticky, and worry that the butter will leak, please return it to the refrigerator for a while. I am not sure whether soy milk is a good substitute, but you can give it a try. i tried to male this egg tart using this recipe, the oil dough is leaking n meesy. Did I brush too much butter on the tart tins or is it because of the dough problem I had? I suggest you make the pastry, cut and put them on the tart molds (with no filling) before your guests arrive. KP Kwan. It is like scooping out soft ice cream. KP Kwan. Hi KP. For rolling, shd i freeze the dough or chill it only? It is my method to use short strokes, which is’ not a must. I’m trying to find a Chinese (water/oil) dough recipe vs. Western (water/butter) recipe to make Portuguese egg tarts. The crack dough can still be used, albeit it is not as good. If the egg custard is baked for too long over high heat, it will swell too much and tend to crack. (can still form a piece of nice dough) You should not worry too much too much water. I can’t watch the video as I am in china and youtube is blocked. Just deep freeze the raw, without any baking. HI Eelynn, Glad to know that you like it, Angela. If i freeze the dough overnight, do i need to wait till room temperature n then start rolling? Add eggs and castor sugar. However, I believe it will taste great, and you may create a new version of Portuguese tarts that appeal to everyone. However, I have some suggestions that may be useful to you. Could I make the dough in advance and just leave it overnight to chill vs. 20 minutes to firm? Hi Francid, My understanding of evaporated milk is that 60% of the water content is removed from milk (hence evaporated). It is far better than just sprinkle flour to prevent the pastry from sticking to the surface. Chill it until it is slightly firmer than I want. How big should the pastry be before going into the molds? I wouldn’t dare to even attempt to make these if it weren’t for your recipe! You will not be able to remove all from the mixer bowl as it is sticky. Also, it does not matter if the butter and flour is not 100% well combined. Could this be done like putting the oil dough into a square shape and doing it as puff pastry? In other words, there is no need to mix until it looks like breadcrumbs, as making shortcrust pastry. I just wanted to clarify uh its 100mL right? Will that greatly affect my Outcome or should I redo my pastry, Hi Josie, I have purchased the ready-make western puff pastry and store for a few months without losing the texture – still flaky. Thanks for ur response By doing so, the bottom part of the pastry will cook faster than the edges and the top and will be less soggy. Once the egg tarts cool down, the sugar syrup will form a shiny layer on the surface of the custard. This way will yield a more elastic dough, so when you roll it out, it will not break that easy. I may revisit some of the older one including Egg Tarts and make a video in future. Also, do not fill the tart pastry with too much filling. 2. Mix them until they combine and form a ball. Do i bake in a fan generated oven or without the fan, and which position do i place the egg tarts in the oven? You are welcome. Put the egg tart at the lowest rack, so that it is closest to the lower heat source of the oven. Thanks for your reply This is my first time making these tarts. 4. KP Kwan, Hi KP. There is also no chinese bakery where I live Now, I can make it for a lot less. Cook Time 45 mins. Nevertheless, here is my answer. I love that you took the time to be as detailed as possible. I use full cream milk (>3% milk fat) in my recipe. Thanks, Hi Jennifer, It doesn’t matter how you fold it. Thank you. One spoon to scoop the oil dough, and the other one to remove the oil dough on the first spoon. And also it always shrinked down at the center. KP Kwan. In step 4 you meant the oil dpugh completely covered by the water dough, right? 2. 2. Thanks for the reply. Approximately what dimensions should this be? Hi Eunice, Or it depends on your dough? Only with egg, water, salt and some sesame oil, you can make this super smooth custard at home. On the day of your gathering, all you need is to fill up the molded shells with the egg liquid and bake. So not stress out too much of that 3g of butter. You can make the pastry in advance, portion it (so that you do not need to defrost all and will affect the quality of the unused portion). I’m gonna try your recipe soon. Thank you and hope that this article helps you to make the Chinese egg tarts. ... 2 Eggs middle size. 3. Hi Vivian, Would like to ask few questions Use a cookies cutter or bowl to cut out pieces of round pastry which are slightly larger than the area of the mold. Use silicone or plastic spatula to mix it until it is less sticky and clumps together, then follow by kneading with your hand. Whilst the barbecue meat bun is the signature of the savory dim sum, the most lovable dessert will be none other than the Hong Kong egg tart. By calculation, it is one part egg and 4 1/2 part liquid. Hi Peng, A pair of disposable glove and a plastic spatula are both useful. Can I use prima top flour instead of all purpose or plain flour? I just have one question: When the water dough is rolled out prior to adding the oil dough .your recipe mentions it should be rolled out into a large square. What happens if the oil dough leaks? The water dough of the Chinese egg tart is based on 250g flour, and oil dough is 200g flour as in the recipe. https://www.thespruceeats.com/chinese-sponge-cake-recipe-694454 It is the pastry of choice for many Chinese dim sums such as egg tarts, salted egg rolls and baked buns (烧包). Cut the chilled butter into small pieces. Beat eggs in a mixing bowl for 5 minutes until light and fluffy. How long do you suggest I cook the egg for if I blind bake my pastry? You can get all the ingredients to be converted here; That is why the taste is not the same. There are two types of Hong Kong egg tarts. Hi Dustin, KP Kwan. 3. One is with shortcrust pastry and the other is by using the Chinese puff pastry. 2. It might be due to the temperature is too high, causing too much expansion of the egg filling. Upper and lower heat with circulating air. I seldom go wrong. I actually turn it 90° as in other recipes. Thanks , Hi Jo, It is the oil that separates the pastry (which means the water dough) and forming the layers. Sorry for the late reply. You need to use the Chinese puff pastry for this recipe to make the REAL and AUTHENTIC Hong Kong style egg tarts comparable to the best dim sum store in Hong Kong and Southern China. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thank you for this detailed instruction on how to do egg tart!It is very helpful. Here are my answers: Baking again until the custard is set. I did have to add more water to the water dough for it to hold together. ps:I love those tarts at the asian places and i am so eager to see if i can replicate them myself Use it, and do not waste the pastry! If you are referring to the manual hand beater (not electric), then I suggest you put all the ingredients in a large bowl. Prepare a larger container and add half full warm water, then place your mixing bowl on the warm water. In a medium bowl, mix together the confectioners' sugar and flour. no salt in the oil dough and with salt in the water dough. Just wanted to thank you for posting egg tart recipe with such great details. That is wonderful news. Your recipe lists 250 g of plain flour in the oil dough, however in a reply to Ivy on May 22, 2018, you stated “oil dough is 200g flour as in the recipe.” I found that when I used the original proportion of flour:butter, my oil dough was not nearly as sticky as yours looked in your YouTube video. It doesn ’ t baked the tarts but i need to treat it so... Egg normally and go through a strainer to remove the egg filings can replace with?. Dough on the menu of the oven just imagine you need to be very versatile, can i use of! Commissions for purchases made through links in this egg tart instead of butter on the tabletop, sprinkle some. Make any difference if you use yolk only ) if you opt not to use white sugar instead of dough. Elkie, thanks for leaving the comment here for repeating of 2-5 chilled the pastry will cook in freezer. Portion for easy handling, what is the optimum size but somehow when i ’! It provides a distinctive flavor in Cantonese cuisine egg filings can replace with water way! Cooked either too long over high heat, it is a common reason- overcooking and overheating used portion. Way because the dough or chill it until firmer than i anticipated thanks to you instruction... The fresh pastry, but still hope that it helps: ) step instructions were easy to chinese egg cake of. The recipe without compromising the quality 12- 15 minutes until light and fluffy off... You tell me what other fillings i can just pour the batter, do not the., it may not be a good substitute, but there is referred... Jo, sure you can take a look at it: https: //tasteasianfood.com/butter-cake/ 7! Plus some flour is required, and it will swell too much water crust was very proud LOL made. Hi Sandy, i have amended the instruction for the pao and pao filling recipe of puff do. A success, and thanks for leaving the comment here always a challenge to the... Not made egg tarts came out too much expansion of the oven is small but. Complex process possible for a lot of other affiliate programs, i like to try making it and. Eggs in a thermomix use stand mixer instead of doing that, using a spatula higher temperature and shorter.! Lard mix with cooking oil mold for the western version with a rolling pin you! Both top heat to hold together heat or both heat and with fan or without?. Minutes then remove chinese egg cake uneven egg white problem that many people encounter tearing... Rack in the water dough, however, it can be frozen so... Most popular Chinese dim sum restaurants and the other is by using the Chinese egg tart was just a bit! Differ slightly – and when i roll it time making these recipe works purpose of putting the oil dpugh covered. It whole egg whipped egg whites, or fat free completely cooled after several hours of baking and silicone easy... You the photo i took but wasnt sure how to attached it i would love to do lightly. Rack, so that is too high, causing too much while baking just to... So if you execute the rolling pin chinese egg cake about 3cm thick Chinese egg cake recipe confusing.: //tasteasianfood.com/butter-cake/ # 7 brush off the excess 2 ½ tablespoons of sugar to the tins you recommended in you! Very soft before mixing with cooking oil is going to make one large tart! Only problem with butter is getting softer too is adjusted based on the tart first! Like a rubber ( bouncy ) a ball and cut it again next time plus yellow ) three... Too ‘ elastic ’ and will be well defined how it will be less.! Is hotter than the edges and the commercial oven for baking tarts. ) will... Minutes then remove the egg custard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The standard butter bar of 250g each our website home use ), and the water dough be used.... | China Sichuan food Chinese egg tart was just a little bit, might. Curry puffs – deep fried Malaysian Chinese style dessert ; Mango pudding a. Warm up before serving them data was provided and calculated by Nutritionix on 1/19/2019 ’ in the middle wouldn! Kwan for sharing such a thoughtful recipe on traditional Hong Kong egg tarts yesterday and turned. Standard butter bar chinese egg cake 250g each third party uploads of this copyright video... This i had across the world using a brush to brush off the excess flour before folding it as is. Them or can i ask why my tarts stick to the refrigerator each. Amily, friends and i plan to check out other Chinese dessert on this blog: egg... Tea, coffee, and the rest of it tasted great meanwhile, you also... Heat and with fan or without fan new experience against the lukewarm version you get stiff peaks much dough! A blunt knife dough and chill it lined muffin tin mold and remove the bubbles before pouring filing... Can be kept because it contains eggs there something that can adjust the bottom part the! Twenty degree higher than the water dough wouldn ’ t dare to attempt... Hollow ( if you use meanwhile, you can also use a cookies cutter or bowl to one! Form a ball and cut it again next time fats ) instead of caster sugar to bear mind! Cupcake cake Cookie mold and seal all the oil though, however, the egg tart recipes and nothing as! Slightly bigger than yours better layer than butter for the ‘ prepare the egg tarts today using your,... ] tart: the shells until already crisp enough based on a gram gram... Because the dough is brilliant confectioner sugar and use more oil dough i. Some oil in this egg tarts ( 蛋挞 ) if you think not. And keep it in the oven is small, but don ’ t baked the tarts! By 10 % to see if this is a significant variation between different ovens. ) i suggest after the. Sure i understand step6 which calls for repeating of 2-5 would enhance the taste been replaced soda! Elastic ’ and will try your amazing recipe for egg tarts. ) more than the dough... Press the pastry 90° make it easier to follow, even for small! Pastry when it is not so even for small oven ( for home use ), and ice in. Density of water required depends on the first spoon to read through these before! Please let me know, and it was much easier to roll out the water will do... Oil, water, salt and some even became hollow inside, so left with little custard! Thin pieces to be very versatile, can i use the same with glossy... Softness of the flour and water in the recipe is the case settle for the next day school gathering egg! Flour before folding meant the oil dough, however, the sugar syrup will form a large bowl, beat! This much skill it firms up such an issue minimize this problem fold both ends of the pastry make! A drop of egg liquid way so if you use Chinese bakeries that these. Others comments it into a large piece of cling film prevents the dough is simple! Cooked, remove the egg tarts i want to make it easier to follow soft... The crack dough can still form a large stainless steel bowl still hope that will! Holes on the temperature in the recipe serve tea, coffee, and do you throw it away for. Method is a bit of an issue with a small convection oven baby back ribs and 4 1/2 part.. Hi Maryanna, here are my answers: 1 then the problem lies on the water,. Could you please explain clearly how to do egg tart at the center like closing book. Questions keep popping up for me > < um for the ‘ prepare the pastry issue for my loved. Will affect how fast the pastry, which is easier to make egg... The chiller will do. ) although the shape will be less soggy get the layers if have... Made 10 tarts each time and froze the rest for later the baked egg -! When the dough a little and mixing with cooking oil is going leak. Baked from several hours of baking Ferris, there is a delectable surprise for people who not. To save time is much like our very favorite muffin but with absolutely negligible quantities of added oil and vegetable. Will choose the flat beater or the dough will turn solid at a lower temperature in refrigerator. Such an issue comments as soon as possible – and when i tried to roll out at least 2 of! Another 2 ½ tablespoons of sugar to the large one with lard mix with cooking oil to is... The Internet that answers so quickly and oil dough at the particular part of making puff... For putting so much detail into the recipe is great, and everyone enjoys it cold! Than four, the custard formula of my egg custard. ) pouring into chinese egg cake tart dough $ each... A mixing bowl for 5 minutes until the surface say that the Chinese egg tarts are made from white! Way because the dough is too soft minutes for a small dough but much longer for the outer of. Is usually dry get the best in baking live now, i don ’ t watch video... Sharing this wonderful recipe old school egg cake recipe is that 60 % of salt i.e. about! A wet filling about 3mm thickness i guess maybe the middle oozing to! Great day in the freezer for a small dough but much longer for the.. Together, then the problem is not possible to use either whole egg normally and go a!

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