Irrigation should be scheduled 1 to 3 times per week to wet all or most of the root zone while minimizing runoff. Kurapia is a drought tolerant turf alternative groundcover sod. How long until my order arrives? Available for drop shipment, bobtail delivery with forklift, or pick up small orders here at Central Home! ft sod slabs or 8 sq. Notify me when this product is available: Your input is very much appreciated. It is perfect for those strips between sidewalks and road ways or in medians. Thanks for giving Kurapia… 3 natural, non-synthetic approaches to lawn replacement. Ewing has an excellent selection of synthetic turf and the expertise to help you install and manage it. Note: If left un-mowed and allowed to flower, Kurapia will attract natural pollinators such as honeybees to the area. Powered by Shopify, We are taking orders for the week of 12/14/20, translation missing: en.layout.general.title. This highly versatile ground cover sod uses up to 60% Less Water than cool season turf. Additional irrigation may be required on sandy soil and in full sunlight during warm, dry, and windy conditions. Purchase was easy, Delivery was on time Kurapia arrived as advertised. It also works great as a natural fertilizer similarly to other dwarf, small leaved, microclovers. 2 to 3 weeks). Kurapia ® Utility Groundcover. With over 25 blends to choose from, Sod and Seed can help you decide which blend is the best to suit your landscaping needs. Kurapia maintains green year around in most locations in California except high elevation areas. We ask that you do the following for the safety of our employees and our customers: – Read … Kurapia also will be for sale at a second plant sale on Saturday, Oct. 25. © 2020 The option to pick up an order in Fresno, CA is only available for plugs. Please contact us for pricing information and quotes. Miniclover® (Trifolium repens) is a perennial white clover only growing to approximately 4 - 6 inches tall making it ideal for a lawn alternative or to mix with your current lawn grass. Our quality is guaranteed. Valley Sod Farms was established in 2001 as a merger of two existing farms. Will purchase more Kurapia from this company again when the next phase of the project is ready to go. Mini… Kurapia is a great option where you need a ground cover that won't regularly get irrigated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Its sturdy structure is ideal for a multitude of uses! Fescue, Blue Rye, Hybrids, Sports turf (non-netted), Kurapia (groundcover), No Mow, Native’s & Drought-tolerant sod from Green fields Turf Co. and Delta Bluegrass. Sod and Seed a Northern California based lawn delivery company. Long Term Irrigation Strategy These plugs are ready and easy to plant. Be sure to contact us for your California, Arizona, and Nevada, Kurapia sod needs! Kurapia can be used on slopes, ground, or any other soil base with light exposure. It has thick, dense growth, and is a flowering live plant. Only West Coast Turf has earned the name "Home of Super Bowl Sod" having supplied turf grass to a record 8 Super Bowls from California to Florida, including Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium. 'Kurapia' is adapted to USDA climate zones of 7b and higher. Kurapia is another drought tolerant coverage that can be added to any lawn- can be used as full coverage or boarders around other sods or in between bricks or paving stones. Research at the University of California, Riverside demonstrated that mature Kurapia can be maintained similar to warm-season turfgrasses at 60% replacement of reference evapotranspiration (ETo) in warmer inland climates and likely as low as 40% to 50% ETo in cooler, coastal regions during the growing season. Thank you. Sign In My Account. We offer a variety of sod types suited for Arizona, including Midiron, Tifway 419, Tifgreen 328, Tifgrand Bermuda, and Palmetto St. Augustine. We carry freshly harvested sod available for pick-up at our Chino, California location seven days a week! Kurapia grows close to the ground and rarely exceeds one inch high. Shop ground cover and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Kurapia grows close to the ground and rarely exceeds one inch high. Kurapia Plugs can only be sold to customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. We'll be happy to come out and let your whole staff know all about Kurapia and its applications. Weekly or bi-weekly irrigation during extended drought or dry periods in summer may help winter color retention of Kurapia. Victor Schaff, recognizing the need for low water use plants, founded S & S Seeds in 1975. Kurapia-New low water utility groundcover -SOD. In order to know how many trays to order, you’ll first need to calculate the number of plugs via choosing your desired plug spacing and total square footage. Kurapia Groundcover Frequently Asked Questions . Find ground cover at Lowe's today. Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply is the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and irrigation products in the country with over 200 locations nationwide. It can be mowed for a more manicured look, or left natural (it grows to about 1"). No issue. It is perfect for those strips between sidewalks and road ways or in medians. Worried about allergies? It grows quickly to establish ground cover but is sterile, so unwanted seeding does not occur. You can also purchase Kurapia plugs and sod through our official distributors,, and Armstrong Growers Landscape Department. Kurapia is a newly developed drought tolerant perennial groundcover which can replace thirsty turf. We are Florasource Ltd., an independent horticultural supply firm. Kurapia is adapted to USDA climate zones of 7b and higher. This product is like nothing else we have seen on the market, so we would be happy to answer your questions. Once fully established, Kurapia has a very deep root system that can reach down 5 to 10 feet below the soil surface. After about one month, soak the area once or twice per week to help expedite complete Kurapia cover. It was developed for drought conditions and is tolerant of different soils and a range of temperatures. Contact A-G SOD Farms at our Fresno location. Or for you architects, schedule a "lunch and learn" presentation. Once established, it requires less maintenance and needs less water than cool and warm season turfgrasses. admin May 13, 2020 at 10:41 pm Avoid over-irrigation to compensate for dry areas caused by poor sprinkler distribution, clogged nozzles, or leaks in the irrigation system. It can tolerate light foot traffic, but is not recommended for heavy traffic areas like playgrounds or sports fields. Developed in and widely used in Japan, researched at UC Riverside and most recently tested at UCD, Lippia (Syn) Phyla nodiflora “Campagne Verde” — common name kurapia — is a deep-rooted, low … 'Kurapia' may be planted year around, but the best fill in will occur from March-September. Kurapia is part of the Perennial Rye family and is a natural pollinator. Reply. Of course, all at no cost to you, in terms either of money or of maintenance. WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT KURAPIA SOD....... Field Removal and TopMaker Field Recycling Services, Natina Coloring Products for Rock, Concrete and Galvanized Steel, Enter your ZIP Code for pricing and availability, Small white flowers May-November (may be mowed off to remove), Tolerates a large range of pH and high salinity, Can be mowed or left un-mowed for a beautiful natural look, with small white sterile flowers, Sold in 5 sq. Please contact Dani Booth, our dedicated Kurapia Specialist, to answer your questions. Ciardella Garden Supply Inc. 1001 San Antonio Ave Palo Alto, CA 94303 Phone: (650) 321-5913 Website: It is a great option for California and Arizona lawns. Irrigate Kurapia lightly and frequently to maintain moist soil beginning immediately after installation and until active shoot growth is evident (approx. Or, if you want a unique look different from your neighbor's lawn, Kurapia … Buy Kurapia plugs and Kurapia sod. 2 to 3 weeks). Very satisfied with process. Or, if you want a unique look different from your neighbor's lawn, Kurapia is for you! Staying Open Safely, December 2020: Garden Accents 11155 Lena Ave, Gilroy Monday–Saturday, 9am-5pm | Sunday, 10am-5pm Grass Farm 602 Palm Avenue, Morgan Hill Monday–Friday, 7am-1pm Special hours for seniors and immuno-compromised customers: Monday–Friday, 8-9am. White clover takes nitrogen out of the air, bringing this most essential fertilizer \"down-to-earth\" by means of nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in nodes along the roots. Directions to Littell, Charles W. Gainesville FL. 'Kurapia' is shipped directly to your door in trays of 72 plugs. Although the species is either native or naturalized to California, Kurapia … 'Kurapia' may be planted year around, but the best fill in will occur from March-September. Once established, Kurapia's water requirement can be maintained aesthetically at 50% of the evapotranspiration versus 80% for cool season fescue. Boxes cost $8.50 and hold up to four trays each. Remember that Kurapia or any plant material will look only as good (or bad) as the irrigation system used to distribute water. These plugs are ready and easy to plant. We provide high quality sod blends, lawns, turf, and alternative land covering options at wholesale prices. Also offering curbside pickups. Kurapia® Southern CA. Buy; Kurapia is a highly versatile and drought tolerant groundcover that replaces traditional lawns, groundcovers, and erosion control plants. NEWSLETTER. Kurapia application at Soka University in Aliso Viejo. If you can place your order before Friday afternoon, we can typically get it to you next Wednesday, Thursday outside of California. Low maintenance for areas receiving light traffic, Kurapia blooms from May through October. It is low maintenance, demonstrates low water use, and is salinity tolerant. Buy Arizona sod at, the premier sod farm in Arizona. Quick Quotes & Quality Advise. Kurapia aids with soil erosion, and suppressing weeds. Saved by Gayle Namanny. also what is the difference between vinca major and minor. West Coast Turf and Western Sod have been the leaders in the sod farming industry since 1972, with the aim of providing the best natural turfgrass and sod installation service in the business. Your Location & Requirements Matter. Kurapia is a NEW drought tolerant and low maintenance turf alternative natural ground cover sod in California, Arizona and Nevada. Sign up to receive news, updates and special offers. Once established, it requires little maintenance and needs 60% less water than cool season turfgrasses. How to order. Ground Cover Drought Tolerant Ground Cover Plants Lawn Alternative Outdoors Garden Stuff To Buy Water Outdoor In regions where average daily temperatures remain above 45 °F, Kurapia will stay evergreen through winter; however, growth will gradually decrease and enter semi-dormancy when average daily temperatures fall to around 38 °F. Establishment takes approximately 21-30 days (March-September) and requires regular irrigation. ft rolls depending on location of harvest. What is Kurapia? If you wish to pay extra for a pickup order to be boxed, you must bring exact change in cash to the nursery. Register. Kurapia is a low maintenance sod option for areas that do not have a lot of foot traffic. thank you. Kurapia is a great option where you need a ground cover that won't regularly get irrigated. We offer pick up and delivery. 10% off all online orders of sod grass. We are dedicated to providing growers and grower-retailers with young plants, greenwalls, greenroofs, and more! Although Kurapia is tolerant of drought and low water use, the establishment period is not the time to withhold water. Kurapia's sturdy structure makes it ideal for many uses such as covering lawn type areas, highway and freeway shoulders, rooftops, public utility areas, commercial properties, and landscape areas. For more information, call us at 888-800-8483. This is remedied by mowing off flowers. It … California's first and finest sod grower. Stop by your local store to see how we can help. Do-It-Yourself Homeowners Buy Sod On-Line. Kurapia: A New Low-Water Groundcover The CCUH has been involved in researching the performance of Kurapia (Lippia nodiflora), a new low-water groundcover developed in Japan. Superior Fescue Plus ... (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) so you can buy from us without worry and with confidence. In regions where average daily temperatures remain above 45 °F, 'Kurapia' will stay evergreen through winter; however, growth will gradually decrease and enter semi-dormancy when average daily temperatures fall to around 38 °F. Kurapia sod in stock and shipped directly to you. Pickup orders do not include the price of boxing the trays. At the Forefront of the Collection of Seeds for Native California Plants Since 1975. For beauty and toughness, choose from one of Pacific Sod's trusted Medallion varieties. 'Kurapia' is shipped directly to your door in trays of 72 plugs. Hi would like to plant vinca but am wondering how many to buy and if my spring bulbs like tulips can be grow with them. ... Kurapia “New White” is sold out until 1/4/21, thanks for all the orders! For sod pricing and ordering in your area, please enter the zip code where your sod will be delivered . Kurapia [Phyla (Lippia) nodiflora) is a low growing, herbaceous, perennial dicot groundcover belonging to the Verbenaceae or Verbena family. First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone.