0 500. QFEAST. 1 decade ago. 38 Answers. BQ: Just a regular hershey chocolate bar. Twix vs Snickers? Both are … No comments: Post a Comment. Mars Bars. Snickers. I love both but chocolate gives me migraines so I never eat it. HONORARIUS. Poll: Mars, Twix or Snickers? I_pWnzz_YoU. Also Twix are pretty damn good indeed! Snickers or Twix chocolate bar? We would work well together because we like opposites and wouldn't get into each others favorite candy. news; Sample Page; Donate Now Answer Save. Mar 24, … Anonymous. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Twix. Kit Kat. Emily. Calorie Goal 1,850 cal. Once you vote, the poll results will be displayed. Lv 5. Kit-Kat 17% . Reviews: 7. Join now...it only takes a second or so! Favorite Answer. Other 17% . Twix. Le combat est lancé ! BITE ME! Report Poll. WARNING! Take this poll! Brand Informers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Lv 7. Snickers just avoided the last slot because it has less saturated fat than Twix, which Valdez deemed “the worst candy of the choices.” The lack of consensus among the three experts, who valiantly scraped to find redeeming nutritional qualities, indicates that there isn’t a truly healthy option here. … 100% 3 votes 0% No votes No one has voted yet. Relevance. 0 0. … Miss T. Lv 7. Which is better: Snickers or Twix (candy bars) Snickers Twix 1 decade ago. Which is your favorite chocolate brand? Answer Save. Out of these 6, which one do you like best? 1 decade ago. 43 % 7g Fat. Lv 7. In this video JFT explains, which of this three mars corporation candy bars is the best, using the JFT Battle rules. Poll: Do you say Couch or … 150 Cal. Hera. Create Page Create Poll Ask Question Write Story Create Quiz ⭱ Top. 0 0. 0 500. 1 decade ago. Start 08.04.2020; Rating Available . Snickers Vs Mars Vs Twix Vs Oh Henry 55 results; 1; 2; This topic is locked from further discussion. 2 2. Mars / twix. Forum Posts. Loki [Nanowrimoing!] 0. Lv 7. Qfeast is the most popular network that let you create online quizzes, stories, questions, polls or interest pages. Snickers vs Twix vs Milky Way vs Kit-Kats vs Hersheys vs Chocolate Bunnies (Which one do you like best?)? 3 years ago. Never had a Mars bar, Twix are icky, so SNICKERZ! Log Food. Discover Create. Trending questions. Answer Save. William Bonney HR Heisman. Poll Hershey's vs Snickers vs Twix vs Kit-Kat (23 votes) Hershey's 13% . Forum Posts. Oh, God....DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE LIKE THIS! 29 Answers. Wife, mother and business woman. Join. Anonymous. 150 / 2,000 cal left. Reactions: WorldSeriesChamps2015 and hawkbirch. QChawks HR Legend. Social Media Face Off: Kit Kat vs. Twix. 1 decade ago. GOOO. Get Now. 1 decade ago . Also how the **** are nerds or smarties not on here?! Answer Save. Snickers. I personally like both since to me they taste the same,but I like Twix better. Sep 23, 2018 3,834 6,563 113 Iowa. 45 Answers. Serving Size : 3 pieces. Feb 11, 2013 36,494 42,698 113 Quad Cities. Show more answers (20) Still have questions? How do you … Lv 4. 7540. Twix or Snickers. 1 decade ago. Answer Save. Be the first! Poll closed Oct 28, 2020. Answer Save. 0 500. 0. Twix. 2 2. 0 0. 7 years ago. 12 years ago. 1 decade ago. Kitkat. 0 0. Favourite answer. 1 decade ago. Follow 145. Anonymous . 1 decade ago. Snickers. 3 years ago. Lv 7. Wiki Points. Sodium 2,245g. The Twix is so simple with the start of a crispy wafer then a layer of the richest caramel and topped off with milk chocolate. Hello. Qfeast » Polls » Food. Favorite Answer. Forum Posts. Oct 27, 2020 #1 NKSHawk HR All-American. Twix vs Snickers - Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' 1 1. Twix is the best! Relevance ♥ яєηєє ♥ Lv 7. Anonymous. Snickers vs Milky Way. Follow 1018. 0 0. With an excess of $35 billion in sales, the company is a global business that produces some of the world's best-loved brands: M&M'S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, … cowok insyaf. PoeticLeo. Explain why? User Lists: 1 #38 Edited By Batman. Between Twix and Snickers. 1 decade ago. 0 0. Lv 7. I like both but Twix has a slight edge. Ha. 5. Fat 60g. How do you … 22 Answers. You like that particular one out of the others. cubalishus. Twix. Tellykins. 55 / 2,300g left. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Twix. I don't really like Mars bars (and I ate so much Milky Way as a kid I can't stand them anymore). Did you like what you got for Christmas? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Get answers by asking now. 1 1. Update: Alright fine just tell me which you like best. The winner is the one which gets best visibility on Google. Which one is your favorite? Make sure and come back tomorrow to see the results and vote in the next round. Facebook Twitter VK . POLL: Mars Bar OR Snickers? The Snicker and Twix are bad for you because . Snickers for me. Add a New Poll Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic; Twix. 0 0. Are you a fan of the nutty nougat or the caramel wafer. Answer Save. BQ: What is your favorite chocolate bar? Twix... 0 0. Snickers vs. Twix. Kate Dunham July 12, 2013. Those are my 2 favorite candy bars, but if I was held at gunpoint I'd pick snickers. 1 decade ago. But Snickers is pretty awesome, too. Email This BlogThis! Dangerous Crush Test, don’t Try this by yourself!!! Twix, I don't like nuts. 1 0. 4. Sign in. Tony M. Lv 7. 1 0 ♥Everything's Magic♥ Lv 6. 12 years ago. Mars > Snickers. I can understand the reasoning in this controversy because they are both very tasty and delightful. Minis Mix (Bite Size Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Twix) - Candy. Wiki Points. 1 0. Wiki Points. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. triplecorpsehammerblow6659. Home > Polls > Miscellaneous > Twix or Snickers. Source(s): lol darn I'm 2nd.. 0 0. 1 decade ago. 7 years ago. Twix . Akil. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Followers. You may also like. Mars Bar. 1 of 2 Go to page. 24 Answers. Peanut Butter Twix. 3 years ago. 50. 1 0. 0 0. 6. 1 decade ago. Batman. What do you think of the answers? Vote on this poll. Relevance. Also put least to greatest. Daily Goals. 10 years ago. 1 0. 1; 2; Next. Twix or Snickers Twix Snickers. 3 years ago. Relevance. Favourite answer. Which is your favourite? WHYYYYY!? 1 decade ago. 5 / 300g left. 29 Answers. Posted by Hammer at 8:24 AM. Snickers, hands down. I love both, but Snickers are my favourite :) 1 0. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. 1 0 =] Lv 6. Reese's vs Butterfinger. Poll - Twix Vs Kitkat? Twix vs Snickers is the battle that never ends, until you try 'em all. Twix or Snickers? Snickers. Snickers. Anonymous. 1 1. Relevance. Snickers has annual global sales of $2 billion.In the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and Ireland, Snickers was sold under the brand name Marathon until 1990. 1 decade ago. Anonymous. Ofree.net is not directly affiliated with the manufacturer(s), brand(s), company(s) or retailer(s) of the products listed on this web site, and in no way claim to represent or own their trademarks, logos, marketing materials, or products. 1 decade ago. Lv 4. 0 0. Hershey's vs Crunch Bar. Twix cons: With two pieces someone might ask for one, Snickers pros: Salty peanuts balance out sweet taste, many layers which equals more deliciousness, most people won't ask for a piece since my mouth has been all over it Snickers cons: The girth makes it hard to bite through, short and only one piece causes me to devour it faster 0 0. Lv 6. What do you think of the answers? Snickers. 0. Anonymous . What do you think of the … 1 decade ago. 1 decade ago. Twix beats KitKat. 1 0. 1 decade ago. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 0. JOAKOOL. Twix. What do you think of the answers? Relevance. Anonymous. Take this poll! Oct 27, 2020 #2 Should be a landslide. Thanks for watching! 1 decade ago. Traamo. Relevance. 0 500. POLL: Which is better: Twix or Snickers? Relevance. Next Last. 42 Answers. Favorite Answer. 23 Answers. Come on in! Especially the ice cream. Answer Save. Have you ever thought about the differences between a Snickers vs Milky Way? 1 0. Artur. 0 0. 7 years ago. Both contain chocolate-covered biscuits. Follow 6032. Twix. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. 2 2. Snickers 26% . Both are much much better than Bounty's (I guess it would be called Mounds in the US) for sure though. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Cholesterol 295g. Oh, I'm going to have one now! Reviews: 0. Lv 7. Shigginator. Favourite answer. 7 years ago. More recently, Snickers Marathon branded energy bars have been sold in some markets. 0 0. 1 decade ago. Ownership. 54 % 20g Carbs. Followers. Anonymous . Followers. Ask question + 100. Lv 7. No comments yet. Snickers. We explain the similarities and differences between these two wildly popular candy bars below. 7 / 67g left. 1 decade ago. Taste battle between these four candy bars! 1 decade ago. Snickers and Milky Way are both owned by Mars Incorporated. I love Twix. 1 decade ago. Twix. Joy. Go. 3 years ago. 3 % 1g Protein. 0 0. goodbye. New experiments with cars create asmr. 0. 1 decade ago. RANKED CHOICE VOTING. Kit Kat vs Twix. Dur de faire le choix - Topic Snickers Vs Mars Vs Lion Vs Twix du 14-02-2013 18:44:37 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com Snickers. FRANCIS H. Lv 6. Anonymous . In your personal experience, countries that you have personally visited, which ones are the rudest and which are the most polite ? Poll: Twix, Snickers, or Reese's? Twix 26% . Snickers is a brand name chocolate bar made by Mars, Incorporated. Snickers. Favourite answer. Anonymous. button. 0 0. Vince. 1 0. 0 0. bill. Snickers. Be sure to vote for your favorite (if you have one) at the end of this article in our poll! More substance. Lv 6. 9th person to say Twix gets BA, because it's my favorite and i was born on the 9th of February. It consists of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, enrobed in milk chocolate. Trending questions.