The Berlin Night Express is a particularly unusual journey -- not only does it transport you across the continent at night, the route also encompasses a sojourn on a ferry. On board, there's a restaurant car and you can opt for the economy seat, a double sleeper, single sleeper or a double/single sleeper with private bathroom. As Smith says, it's the savviest travelers who choose sleeper trains over budget flights: even if the journey takes longer -- and is potentially a little pricier -- it's a more economical use of time. Nick Brooks, the secretary general of the Alliance of Rail New Entrants, which represents independent providers, argued that governments should also prohibit airlines receiving state bailouts from operating any short-haul or late-night flights that could be done by train. When you reach Kent, in the South East of England, you depart the first train and cross over to France inside the the Channel Tunnel, before boarding restored French blue-and-gold 1920s Wagon-Lits sleeping cars for the remainder of your journey. With an interior inspired by the textures of Peru, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views while cocooned in hand-woven fabrics made from Alpaca wool and soothed by the Andean slate grey tones. The sleeper compartments on board SJ trains look pretty inviting. “Night trains do a lot of kilometres and access charges are counted in kilometres.”. Sleep your way from city to city with ÖBB Nightjet and save the daytime for sightseeing. SHARE. Forget wearing your jeans or sweatpants, there's a dress code in the evening -- and many embrace the Art Deco vibes and go full flapper. Sleeper trains are enjoying a revival in Europe, as a growing number of tourists seek out greener travel options. I think climate change will be the bigger one in the long term because hopefully this pandemic will [be] over at some point.”. You can opt for a standard seat or compartment. Depending on your preferred level of comfort, you can travel overnight in a seating carriage, couchette or sleeper cabin. Buy your train tickets today. The lounge car is open all night, perfect for midnight feasting, and passengers can also make use of a station lounge at departure station London Paddington. So a sleeper train can save four daytime hours straight away," says the Man in Seat 61. The ÖBB Nightjet trains connect many cities in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Photograph: Eugene Kammerman/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images Karima Delli, a French … These 10 luxury sleeper trains are perfect for the stylish adventurer hoping for an unforgettable trip. Still you get morning tea or coffee and a snack. The vintage aesthetic is captured via the use of sleeping cars from the 1920s, 30s and 50s. “This pandemic must lead to a better appreciation for rail,” he said. Europe is getting a ton of cool new sleeper trains Euro train travel is getting a glow-up, with new connections planned between cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Rome By Destinations; The Sleeper Experience; Accommodation; Tickets; Timetables; search. Travel from the bright lights of Paris to the gorgeous South of France. Menu. The recovery of the night train may not be all smooth running, however, as the economics of night services remain difficult. A few days earlier, France’s transport minister, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, said an overnight service would be resurrected between Paris and Nice following Emmanuel Macron’s Bastille Day promise to redevelop night trains for the nation. In the last few weeks there has been a flurry of announcements and inaugural journeys. This double-decker train travels north into a snowy winter wonderland, across Scandinavia from Helsinki, Finland to Lapland -- taking less than 15 hours. "You wake up at 30 miles an hour on a single track in the middle of the West Highlands, with deer bounding away from the train," says Smith. Luxury sleeper trains in Europe. Travelling by train in Europe It’s easy to travel on trains in Europe. There's a premium cabin option, which gives you maximum privacy and access to a shower. The train's a spiritual successor to the Nord Express, recognizable from its striking Art Deco posters. Sleeping cars are the most stylish way to travel. The new routes will be operated by ÖBB’s NightJet sleeper train service, which already runs overnight trains in central Europe, connecting Vienna to Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Venice and Rome among other destinations. For that reason, we decided to write a new article about train travel in Europe … Leading the way has been the Austrian operator Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB), which had the foresight to buy 42 sleeper cars from Deutsche Bahn in 2016. It's got an en suite shower and toilet, flat-screen-TV and a hot breakfast included. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Europe Is Getting Several New Sleeper Trains That Will Link 13 Popular Destinations. Travel from one great Mediterranean city to another via. These 10 luxury sleeper trains are perfect for the stylish adventurer hoping for an unforgettable trip. Hurtling through the snowy scenes is an unforgettable experience and the double-decker views offer incredible views -- you might even spot the Northern Lights. A new summer night train linking five EU member states – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia – had barely started setting off from Prague on 30 June when the level of demand from holidaymakers heading to the coast ensured it was upgraded to a daily service. You can book a compartment completely for yourself (a single) or share it with one or two other people (double or triple). You might also like: Some are part of a branded network like the Nightjet and Thello trains. Nightjet trains are omnipresent in Austria. New European Night Trains. There are several night train routes in Italy that'll transport you around this boot-shaped country. On board there's a restaurant called Krogen, Swedish for pub, where you can stock up pre-skiing. Facilities-wise there's a restaurant/bistro and bar. It takes about 10 hours and there's no catering options, so here's another service where it's worth stocking up on food and drink beforehand. The experts at Property Turkey outline their top 5 routes for anyone seeking a luxurious adventure across Europe. These luxury suites will be introduced on the Caledonian Sleeper later in 2019. SHARE. Most of the time, couchettes are pretty economical and worth paying a little more for as they provide more privacy and security. How to reach Düsseldorf autozug terminal : Leave the autobahn and follow the signs for Düsseldorf city centre, then follow the signs for 'Hauptbahnhof' ('main station'). Depending on the route you pick, you can head to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Fort William, Perth or Aviemore. It's pretty luxurious and comes with a high price tag. "They've always had a romance," says train travel expert Mark Smith, founder of popular train website, "But, of course, romance is not something you buy, it's something that happens. For all their promise of romance and adventure, Europe’s sleeper trains had appeared to have reached the end of the line. Karima Delli, a French MEP who chairs the European parliament’s transport committee, welcomed governments’ loosening of their purse strings. By … 1. The service offers either a two-berth or four-berth compartment -- or, on the cheaper side, there's an open car with sleeping berths or a carriage with seats. You can nab a seat, which train operator Great Western Railways describe as "airline-style," share a compartment or enjoy one to yourself. Welcome on board the sleeper train service. The real question is, will you look as glamorous as this while on board your sleeper service? The most common train service for the journey is the Caledonian Sleeper. In terms of comfort, the 'classes' on an overnight train are really (1) sleeper, (2) couchette & (3) sit-up-all-night seat. 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Luxury El Transcantabrico – Northern Spain The Orient Express is synonymous with glamor and was memorably immortalized in print by Agatha Christie. "Flying even a one hour flight ends up taking four hours -- by the time you get to the airport, you check in and you check out the other end, and so forth. The Inverness train also makes stops at Gleneagles, home to golf and whisky -- and the Fort William service includes a stop off at Corrour, known as the UK's most remote station. Some sleeping car compartments have en-suite showers and toilets. If you've seen photographs of Cornwall's rugged clifftops and sweeping beaches, it probably won't take much to persuade you to hop on. In more recent years, thanks to the ease and price of air travel, there have been far fewer trains whisking sleeping passengers from country to country through the night.