One way to identify a kei car is the use of yellow on the number plate. Look on the back of Honda‘s latest JDM-only kei jidosha and you’ll see “N/” — the letter N and a forward slash. Como dizem Keiva Inglês? Apparently the way to pronounce that is N-Box Slash.This is the fifth offering in Honda’s revived N-Series and the second retro-styled car in the series. As is my Daihatsu, for what it's worth; that little kei car has reliably got me in and out of places I'm sure its designers never anticipated I'd even think about trying to take it. “light automobile”) (pronounced [keːdʑidoːɕa]), is a Japanese category of small vehicles, including passenger cars (kei cars or “kei class cars”), microvans, and pickup trucks (“kei trucks” or “kei class trucks”). Indeed, these are the smallest street-legal passenger cars, vans, and trucks that you can buy in Japan. Kei car - Kei car (or keijidōsha "light automobile", pronounced [keːdʑidoːɕa]) is the Japanese vehicle category for the smallest highway-legal passenger cars. Dictionary Collections Quiz ... Kei car Keihanshin Kendall Jenner Show more less Wiki . Expand Collapse. Pronúncia de Suzue 1 pronúncia em áudio, 1 tradução, e mais, para Suzue. Banned. Some of the other main Japanese car companies (Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru) sell kei cars made for them by these 4 manufacturers. Translations of Keida. Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu manufacture kei cars. by Maxine Connelly. Pronúncia de Keiva 2 pronúncias em áudio, e mais, para Keiva. Pronúncia de Suzu 1 pronúncia em áudio, 1 significado, 5 traduções, e mais, para Suzu. Kei car: Kei car, K-car, or kei jidōsha (軽自動車, lit. Private kei cars are black on yellow and commercial kei cars are yellow on black. ... kei-ja 0 rating rating ratings . Como dizem Suzue Inglês? Originated as a car in the Japanese Kei ca Suzhou - Suzhou (Chinese: 苏州; Suzhounese pronunciation: [səu tsøʏ], Putonghua pronunciation: [sú.ʈʂóu]), alternately romanized as Soochow, is a major city located in southeastern Jiangsu Province of E Pronunciation of Keida with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 1 translation and more for Keida. you pronounce it like "okay" minus the "o" at the beginning #262 ... you mean kei car the legran is a k-car and this is is a kei car there's a difference #272 michael_zowski, Apr 3, 2020. pippoose14 2. Japanese Nostalgic Car. Pronunciation of Keija with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning and more for Keija. Como dizem Suzu Inglês? Joined: Dec 24, 2016 Messages: 172.