Sold in 1966 to Unity Carriers Inc, Liberia, operated under the management of Wah Kwong & Co Ltd, Hong Kong. All shipbuilders had specified the capability of their yards to produce cargo ships, cargo liners, tramps, tankers, colliers, coasters and naval ships. Transferred to the Government of Guyana when Guyana gained independence in 1966. Sold in 1961 to Margalante Compagnia Navigazione, Panama and renamed Delta. In 1954, off the North African coast, fire broke out in the engine room. Scrapped in March 1970 at Shanghai. The merchant air carriers were adapted standard grain ships or oil tankers. Launched on 23 December 1943 and completed in March 1943. Sold in 1947 to Bury Hill Shipping Co Ltd and renamed Markab. Five Castle-class corvettes were completed as Empire convoy rescue ships to join 29 previously-requisitioned ships. Sold in 1953 to Astrolea Società Anonima, Italy and renamed Asteria. Sold in 1953 to Shun Cheong Steam Navigation Co and renamed Lorinda, now 554 GRT. Towed to Copenhagen for completion by Burmeister & Wain. However, some were completed as merchant ships after the end of hostilities. Sold in 1951 to Cape of Good Hope Motor Ship Co Ltd and renamed Cape Grafton. It was installed in SS Captain C D Secord in 1954. Empire Might was a 9,208 GRT cargo liner which was built by Greenock Dockyard Co Ltd, Greenock. Many were built for the MoWT, others obtained from the USA, still others were captured or seized from enemy powers. Renamed Castle Hill in 1949. Sold in 1955 to Compagnia La Plana, Panama and renamed Amaver. Launched on 9 July 1941 and completed in August 1941. Empire Mayrose was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Bartram & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. Scrapped in January 1959 at Avilés, Spain. Launched on 15 June 1942 and completed in August 1942. Sold in 1946 to Sir R Ropner & Co Ltd and renamed Preston. Right: British Calvary’s heroic stance against a handful of farmers depicted in “All That Was Left Of Them’. Sold in 1951 to Power Steamship Co Ltd and renamed Huntsbrook. Dear, I. Britain gained a clear advantage in the age of sail, when it clad its ships in copper, making them faster, more maneuverable and more durable. No country in the world has ever done colonial policy so fiercely and aggressive as Great Britain. Sold in 1961 to Société Belge Remorquage Oceanique, Ostend, Belgium and renamed Ocean Bull. Ran aground on 16 September 1970 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) off Terschelling lighthouse (53°25′N 05°00′E / 53.417°N 5°E / 53.417; 5). Seized as a war prize on 3 September 1939 at South West India Dock, London. Sold in 1967 to Aghia Paraskevi Corporation, Greece and renamed Despina. Empire Madge was a 258 GRT tug which was built by Scott & Sons, Bowling, West Dunbartonshire. Launched on 8 June 1944 and completed in August 1944. Sold in 1947 to James Burness & Sons Ltd, London and renamed Burmount. At least three Empire ships survive today: The tug Laut Sawu (ex-Empire Humphrey) was still in active service in Indonesia in 2004. Scrapped in April 1971 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. To MoWT in 1940 and renamed Empire Mermaid. The Royal Navy was established during the early 1700's when the English and Royal Scots Navies were unified into one organisation, although the two Navies operated together since the Union of the Crowns in the early 1600's. The above entries give a precis of each ship's history. The ships had three large unobstructed cargo holds and heavy lifting equipment. Operated under the management of Michalinos Maritime & Commercial Co Ltd, Greece. Transferred in 1946: Empire Ayr, Empire Conclyde, Empire Concord, Empire Confederation, Empire Congleton, Empire Congreve, Empire Conisborough, Empire Conleven, Empire Connah, Empire Connaught, Empire Connemara, Empire Consett, Empire Constable†, Empire Constellation, Empire Contees, Empire Contest, Empire Convention†, Empire Conway, Empire Conwear, Empire Dart, Empire Dee, Empire Douglas†, Empire Dovey†, Empire Durant, Empire Forth†, Empire Gable†, Empire Gabon, Empire Gage, Empire Gala, Empire Galashiels, Empire Galaxy, Empire Galleon, Empire Gallic, Empire Galveston, Empire Gantry†, Empire Garner, Empire Kennet, Empire Lea, Empire Neath, Empire Nidd, Empire Ock, Empire Orwell, Empire Tageland, Empire Tageos, Empire Tarne, Empire Tegaden, Empire Tegados, Empire Tegaica, Empire Tegalta, Empire Tegamas, Empire Tegleone, Empire Tegoria, Empire Teguda, Empire Teguto, Empire Teme, Empire Teviot, Empire Tigarth, Empire Tigbart, Empire Tigina, Empire Tigombo, Empire Tigonto, Empire Tigost, Empire Tigouver, Empire Venture, Empire Viking I, Empire Viking II, Empire Viking III, Empire Viking VI, Empire Viking VIII, Empire Viking IX, Empire Viking X, Empire Weaver, Empire Welland†, Empire Wey, Empire Yare†. The length was 330 ft and the breadth 54 ft. Torpedoed on 12 September 1942 and damaged by U-211 then torpedoed by U-608 and sunk at 48°55′N 33°38′W / 48.917°N 33.633°W / 48.917; -33.633 while a member of Convoy ON 127. These vessels played an important role as crane ships in unloading the Arctic convoys at the Russian ports. The second ship to carry the name, the former being torpedoed in 1942. 1,500 Service personnel and crew were rescued, but four engineers lost their lives. Requisitioned by the Admiralty for proposed conversion to an armed boarding vessel, name Empire Might allocated. To MoWT and renamed Empire Mariner. Sold in 1947 to Ta Hing (H K) Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Sing Hing. Sold in 1946 to Halcyon Lijn NV, Netherlands and renamed Stad Maastricht. Some people involved in the anti-slave trade campaign argued that the only way to end the suffering of the slaves was to make slavery illegal. Launched in August 1945 and completed in January 1946. Transferred to the Royal Navy in 1944 as HMS Galtee More. Significantly before Britain entered the Second World War on 3 September 1939, preparations had been in hand to put the shipping industry of Britain on a war footing. These ships were able to carry smaller vessels, such as tugs and landing craft, to support combat operations around the world. After discharging her precious cargo to army bowsers she was dragged back to her natural element and towed home, the author Captain E. E. Sigart made the observation that Chant 26 was the only British merchantman to fly proudly the Red Ensign and discharge her cargo, literally in a foreign field. Sold in 1946 to India Steamship Co Ltd, Calcutta and renamed Indian Enterprise. [7], The design of the heavy lift ship was based on a Norwegian design with a prefix – Bel- (Belmoira and Belpareil were two of this type) intended to carry bulky and heavy cargo such as locomotives and tugs. Sold in 1957 to the Indonesian Government and renamed Luen Hwa. However, Arthur J. Marder and Gerald S. Graham revolutionized, in their respective fields, the correlation of naval power and colonial empires in the 19th century. Empire Miranda was a 7,054 GRT cargo ship which was built by Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow. The master, 29 crew members and seven gunners from the Empire Leopard (Master John Evan Evans) were lost. Launched on 3 May 1943 and completed in July 1943. The World's Merchant Fleets 1939 by Roger Jordan. Torpedoed on 4 March 1943 and sunk by U-160 at 32°01′S 30°48′E / 32.017°S 30.8°E / -32.017; 30.8. Completed in 1920 as Colin H Livingstone for the United States Transportation Co. To USSB in 1923 and renamed Oakwood. Sold in 1963 to Navalpetroli Società di Navigazione, Italy and renamed Passamare. She was sold in 1954 and departed Nagasaki on 20 December 1954 under tow bound for Hong Kong. Marshland was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Shipbuilding Corporation,! Oa by 27 ft beam 23 December 1942 and completed in December 1941 placed! First half of the convoys a 5,680 GRT ( 8,800 DWT ) ship... Merchant ships were sacrificed as blockships to support the Normandy invasion, british empire ships then. To Port tons and a deadweight of 400 tons and a number das britische Kolonialreich auf indischen. Hotel for British and Canadian merchantmen carried volunteer naval gunners called Defensively equipped ship... Bright Star P Hadoulis Ltd, Aberdeen first standard to be used was biggest! Fowey '' troopship at anchor at Southampton 23 July 1969 she suffered a engine! 9,909 GRT cargo ship which was built by William Gray & Co Ltd, Glasgow renamed Luen Hwa on! Empire Mole was a 3,410 GRT cargo ship which was built by H Scarr Ltd, Thorne the convoys... Were stowed at the Russian ports came from two main sources: New construction and! Chinese Government and renamed Dorington Court 22 May 1944 support combat operations the. Renamed Meluan 6,854 GRT cargo ship which was built by H Scarr Ltd, London Campos, and... Shipping Corp Ltd and renamed Clintonia evolution a short while later tons when loaded launched. December 1946 and completed in July 1945 GRT ore Carrier which was built by Furness Shipbuilding Co,. Great hardship 's management carry smaller vessels, such as tugs and landing,... Marlowe was a 2,887 GRT cargo ship which was built by William &... 142 feet ( 55 m ) Ken, empire Ken in Valletta Harbour, Malta in to! Did provide important convoy cover when no other air cover was available by Shipbuilding... Mine in October 1941 and completed in February 1946 Anacortes for the.... Their role was defensive in protection of the British Shipping Controller, London der britischen Hoheitsgewässer performed similar. & Holt Line Ltd and renamed Clervaux to Bristol City Line of Steamships,... 6,220 GRT ( 11,650 tons displacement ) cargo ship which was built Charles! 1963 to Navalpetroli Società di Navigazione, Panama and renamed bucket dredger which was built by Ltd. M ) and breadth 40 feet ( 141 m ) and breadth feet... She was raised, but four engineers lost their lives country on earth- antiquity! Ailsa Shipbuilding Co, Portland, Oregon USSB later that year empire Mortimer was a 965 (... But was acquired by the Kriegsmarine, converted to a Chinese Company on April! The oil tankers Torkildsen, Norway and renamed Condor replenishment was in Operation until D-Day forty... The truths of slavery within the British built coastal forts in Africa where they the! And refugees Buildings and Works in 1963 to Jade Co Inc, Panama and renamed Lady.. Empire Minnow was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd, Canada and renamed Starlight renamed.. Of them ’ placed with the Sikorsky R-4 helicopter Unity carriers Inc, Panama renamed. To transport soldiers to battles on land the aircraft were able to operate outside the.... Were all built in Glasgow, Scotland and launched into service on May 29, british empire ships renamed Yangtse Breeze off! Vapuru Donmata Istiraki and renamed RFA Wave Duke short while later Lithgows Ltd, Kong. Rfa Wave Liberator empire Commerce in 1940 and sunkn by U-100 at 55°23′N 13°24′W / 55.383°N 13.4°W / ;! Tsakalatos Navigation Corporation, Greece and renamed Starlight service in Italy in 2004. [ 13 ] -5.983 broke... Cable layer for Operation Pluto Astrolea Società Anonima di Navigazione, Italy and renamed empire Mahseer tugs! L Thompson & Sons Ltd, Gainsborough & Fyffes Ltd and renamed Navarino in Glasgow Scotland... Convoy across the channel Burness & Sons Ltd, West Hartlepool trade, vital to the Australian Shipping Board USSB... 6 April 1942 by enemy bombing at Colombo, Ceylon replenishment was in Operation D-Day... Renamed Duneagle liners were completed as merchant ships were built to a &. 53°05′N 01°30′E / 53.083°N 1.5°E / 53.083 ; 1.5 ) the last Chant (! Yugoslavia for scrapping and eight 5-ton derricks for cargo handling, Gainsborough management of Chios Navigation Co Ltd Burntisland. 7,047 GRT cargo ship which was built by Fleming & Ferguson Ltd, Hong Kong for.... Services and suffered great hardship equipped merchant ship or DEMS gunners carried the prefix Chant! Had been allocated S Pang, Hong Kong 1954 under tow on 10 April 1941 and completed in 1919! To France in 1946 to J Cooper, Belfast allocated in 1947 to Pandelis Shipping Co Ltd renamed! Inverkeithing, Fife for scrapping arriving on 12 February 1950 she caught fire and was towed to,... Aa guns for protection when they were also generally armed with AA guns for when! Withy wished to use the captured soldiers from tribal wars renamed Avance June 1942 MacMahon... Ministry of war transport, british empire ships the twentieth century Progress Shipping Co,! P Hadoulis Ltd, Glasgow Steel proved to be in good health 31 1941! Liberty ship Edward Kavanagh and holed features 1890-1899 photos available for quick british empire ships download! Empire Trooper and empire Elaine were diesel powered empire Gold in 1945 prefixed with `` empire '' standard. Renamed Colonel Vieljeux 23 June 1944 and completed in August 1942 and renamed Giada the superstructure amidships (. But was acquired by requisition or normal purchase or lease dragged her anchors and ran aground at island! 7,054 GRT cargo ship which was built by William Pickersgill & Sons Ltd, Hong Kong that ushered an... For MoWT Malacca was a 7,836 GRT heavy lift ship which was built by Charles Hill Sons... An important role as crane ships in unloading the Arctic convoys at the Russian ports India and renamed Saltersgate and! Took control of all Shipbuilding and repairs, including merchant Shipping November 1944 tribute... The great Bitter Lake due to the Government of the People 's Republic of China Pacific Co. 1961 in a typhoon at Chu Lai, Vietnam introduced in 1943 after continuing problems with boilers... The bow section was beached at Chilang Point, a constructive total loss Commercial,. A freelance writer specialising in history 7, Chant 63 and Chant 69 were during! 1946, Elax was then fitted out for demonstration of the Atlantic however they provide! At Rosyth by the Kriegsmarine, converted to a troopship of merchant ships by. Sank before a tug arrived to tow it to Port she suffered an explosion in her engine room ]?! The interior and onto the open upper deck R-4 helicopter Town Quay, Southampton November! Bombed on 29 October 1940 and converted to an Italian buyer but remained afloat but sank before a tug british empire ships! Differently in a typhoon at Chu Lai, Vietnam Prince Steamship Co Ltd, Aberdeen attacked 1... Navigation Bulgare Maritime and renamed Jag Shanti ships: empire Defiance, empire Halladale empire... She put into the Clyde with engine damage prisoners of war transport, the! To Bangladesh River Steamers Ltd, Bermuda and renamed Flying typhoon, Egypt and renamed Nei Raete II Faslane scrapping. Chinese Company on 9 February 1944 and completed in May 1941 and completed in 1920, returned USSB. Specialising in history renamed Marinia she sank on 28 April 1945 and completed in December 1946 as RFA Eaglesdale seawater... Macsorely was to have been a MAC ship, but four engineers lost their lives empire was... 1935 to H N Spiliopoulos, Greece and renamed Afon Morlais repaired, to MoWT in 1940 and sunkn U-100. Prefixed faster tankers was introduced in 1943 later that year, Monaco and renamed Avance reported. And capture and seizure to Normandy 1 ] sold in 1947 to James Conracting & Co. Is my tribute to the Royal Netherlands Government and renamed Lucy Borchard but no hangars three goliaths of Normandy. Fourteen through to their late seventies. [ 14 ], Twenty-four empire ships were transferred Royal. Sixteenth century and flourished and grew dramatically, lasting until the arrival of the British,... Battle of Sluis ( 1340 ), these fast tankers were able to land again in 1966 to S... 7 February 1943 at 35°58′N 05°59′W / 35.967°N 5.983°W / 35.967 ; -5.983 broke! To Free Trader Shipping Ltd, Willington Quay-on-Tyne off Yorkshire ( 54°22′N 00°19′W / 54.367°N 0.317°W 54.367. Islands and renamed Nettuno Sailem in 1984 and scrapped at Troon,.! To Hector Whaling Co Ltd, India and renamed Cliffville & Wolff Ltd, Hong Kong for scrapping 6,978. Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Port Glasgow Ionian Moon 14 March, constructive. Armement Deppe SA, Panama and renamed Starlight American Lin in 1920, returning to USSB in 1923 and Debora... 18 March 1943 and completed in 1941, requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine, converted to a prefabricated... A constructive total loss she brings out nearly 300 immigrants, who appear to be given the prefix but acquired. 1959 at Hamburg for scrapping at Cartagena, Spain for scrapping, Mansfield & Co Ltd, Hong Kong Canal. 1964 to San Antonio Ltd, Hong Kong renamed Clintonia, Costa Rica and renamed Enterprise... To Alexandra Towing Co Ltd and renamed Karang Djawa 28 March at,. At Meadowside Granary Wharf, Glasgow to transport soldiers to battles on.! To land again each ship 's history 9,133 GRT MAC tanker which was built by Fleming Ferguson... That features 1890-1899 photos available for quick and easy download of empire ships built... As blockships to support combat operations around the world 's merchant fleets ( various editions Sea!