Today’s world is very much for and of the Electronics […] Therefore, the IoT will continue to be a leading trend in the coming years. Consequently, ECE students are free to choose one of the many many fields offered by ECE according to their passion and capabilities. B.E./B.Tech. Sign in to set up alerts . However, Electronics and Communication is a far more versatile field. the freedom to drift between hardware field and software field. 3:16. BTech Electrical and Computer Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate. In simple terms, Electrical Engineering is a branch of Engineering that deals with concepts related to electricity and electric machinery such as- generation, transmission and use of electricity, electromagnetism, equipment like generator, motors, transformers, AC Current, DC Current, circuit networks, control systems etc. Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Nepal 1. Learn new things. Therefore Electronics and Communication is an extremely vast field. Consequently, this branch has many advantages. The job market for ECE is on demand and industries are looking for qualified engineers who can assist them on latest technologies. Over the years, computers and electronic communication have become an integral part of industrial engineering. Electrical engineering is one of the newer branches of engineering, and dates back to the late 19th century. So the scope for electronics engineers in the coming years is not going to come down, but what will be the most challenging criteria is the skill level of engineers that the industries expect. Embedded Systems are one of the leading specializations in the field of Electronics and Communications. Electronic devices have become a major part of our lives. This field has an opportunity in two type of industries, Telecom Industries, and Software Industries. View aims and scope Submit your article Guide for authors. Computers & Industrial Engineering (CAIE) is aimed at an audience of researchers, educators and practitioners of industrial engineering and associated fields. PSUs recruit ECE students majorly by Gate. To be a successful engineer, one has to be constantly updated with the emerging trends and technologies in his industry. Latest issues. An electronic engineer can find a job in Consumer electronics manufacturing organization, Telecommunication & IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing, Mobile communication (2G,3G,4G), Internet technologies, Power Electronics, and other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industry, directing control and testing production process. Hence, Electronics and Communication Engineers can switch from hardware to software field, but it is not the other way around. So students pursuing in top engineering colleges have lot of job opportunities available, this is mainly because of the presence of various manufacturing firms outside India. The scope of computer science engineering is so profound, such that the surging demand of CS professionals encompasses various sectors including IT firms, financial services, healthcare units, automotive industry, automation industry, and numerous others. To improve your job prospects you need to gain more practical skills in addition to your curriculum. When you learn and build projects you will not only learn the technical concepts but also get acquainted with the technology and develop a better understanding of them. An electronics and communication engineer can work in aviation and avionics, consumer electronics, electricity plant, manufacturing, distribution, communication & … They are many groups available in Engineering like CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, Civil etc of which ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) has a bright future with respect to many things. Without knowledge of electronics, there is no scope for other engineering wings to perform any work, it might be any branch such as chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil sectors, and so on. These systems are a combination of hardware and software that are dedicated for a specific function. Computer Science and Engineering is all about Computer Sciences, programming languages, software development and testing, … With the recent advancements in technologies, most of the industries are beginning to adopt robotics, automation technologies, smart energy systems, Internet of Things (IoT) into their process. However, there has been some issues over the quality of engineers irrespective of the branch, that are being hired for jobs. RSS | open access RSS. The demand for Electronics and Communication Engineering is increasing exponentially by the day. Scope of EC engineering is vast that it is applied in every field. Digital Image Processing is the discipline that deals with the processing of digital images with the help of computer algorithms. With the evolution of technology, Electronics and Communication has become an essential discipline that is required by every other industry. The motive behind Electronics has always stood on three principles –. Why should you choose Electronics and Communication Engineering Branch! ECE deals with computer hardware and also electronics circuits . Get detailed info on all Electronics & Communication Engineering career options, salary, companies & their work type at Booster Degree for Electronics Engineering. Electronics and Communication engineering is one of the most popular engineering branches out there. Scope of Electronics and Communications Engineering. Electronics and Communication Engineering and today’s world: Electronics, particularly computer usage coupled with recent space age, endeavours has by this time already crept into every sphere of human activities. When we think about ECE, we usually picture people working in Integrated Chip (IC) manufacturing industries. Explore journal content Latest issue Articles in press Article collections All issues. Check out the best courses provided by Eckovation. Article Source:,, Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Video Game Privileges in Perspective, Are Police Spying on Your Phone? With more technological advancements, industries of now are demanding engineers who are more hands-on and can assist immediately in their process without needing to spend time & resource on training. VLSI is the discipline of ECE that engages all of the above principles efficiently. If you have any suggestions or opinions regarding our articles, please post them in the comment section below. View aims and scope. Saban Kumar K.C. However, There are some organizations, such as ISRO, which conduct their own exams as well. The demand is so high that IT companies recruit engineers not only from the Computer Science and IT branch but also from other branches like Electrical, Electronics, and … Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Manu Malek. For a career in the Public Sector Units (PSUs), students need to clear Gate, usually followed by an interview. 312,408 per year. Graduates with Best Electronics and Communication Engineering College also have lots of opportunities in Government and private companies in the areas of design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of electronics equipment and systems. An electronic engineer can find a job in the consumer electronics manufacturing organisation, telecommunication and IT industry, healthcare equipment manufacturing organisation, mobile communication(2G,3G,4G), internet technologies, and power electronics industry. Embedded sys ,vlsi ,C, microprocessors. This doesn't mean that other streams do not have bright future, but among all the groups available at Engineering, ECE is always one step ahead of all the other branches. However, according to the average annual salary of these professional includes Rs. It is the most widely used technology for Integrated Circuits (ICs), Microchips, and Component designing. in Engineering) Lecturer and Research & Project Coordinator Department of Computer and Electronics & Communication Engineering 1 While they learn about electronic circuits, devices, and communication systems, they also learn about embedded systems, programming languages, and assembly languages. Electrical engineering is the historical name for what is now called electrical, electronics, and … (M.Sc. 2.663 Impact Factor. Therefore Electronics and Communication … Consequently, in this article we will be reviewing the scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Now the world can no longer undermine the significance that Electronics and Communication discipline carries. The impact of computers has nowhere been more revolutionary than in electrical engineering.The design, analysis, and operation of electrical and electronic systems are now dominated by computers, a transformation that has been motivated by the natural ease of interface between computers and electrical systems, and the promise of spectacular improvements in speed and efficiency. It is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. Another important branch of Electronics and Communication is Robotics. All rights reserved to Eckovation Solutions Pvt Ltd. By 2025, Machines are projected to overtake Humans in Workplace, K nearest neighbours classification algorithm- Working, Problems and solutions, 30 Important Name Reactions Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE, How to enable developer options in MIUI 8 & MIUI 9. Furthermore, the Internet of Things is so efficient that every difficult task can be simplified by introducing IoT into it. The IoT was one technology that took the world by storm. Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology with Jorgette - Duration: 3:16. ECE is electronics and communication engineer in India and electronics and computer engineering outside. 5.3 CiteScore. Electronics and Communications encompasses fields such as computer engineering, control systems, image processing, power systems, opto-electronics, analog and digital circuit designing, and many other fields. Each of these fields of Electrical Engineering have their own relevance and role in the industry. Electronics and Communications encompasses fields such as computer engineering, control systems, image processing, power systems, opto-electronics, analog and digital circuit designing, and many other fields. Ask the Crocodile Hunter, How I Built a Dedicated Streaming Computer, It’s Impossible to Follow a Conversation on Twitter, The Tesla Tabless Electrode Battery Breakthrough. Computer Engineering; VLSI design Engineering; SCOPE OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING-JOBS & CAREER. Get an article everyday. It is a 4 years long Undergraduate Level Degree program. Develop your communication and interpersonal skills, Develop more practical skills and get hands-on experience on theoretical concepts, Get exposed to current industrial methodologies as much as possible, Stay updated with the latest technologies by developing projects on them, Do additional certified training programs to build your profile, Take additional responsibilities in your college to showcase your managerial skills, Develop your leadership and team working abilities. DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization). There is a plethora of career opportunities in Government and Private sectors regarding ECE. The scope for Electronics and Communication Engineers is quite high in public sectors. With the evolution of the computer age, electronics & communication has transformed into a field that is inevitable, required by almost all the industries. Our research scope encompasses renewable energy sources, Smart grids, power electronics (especially FACTS devices), dynamic simulation and estimation of power systems, identification and design of Micro grids, network efficiency optimization, and electric vehicles. Electronics and Communication Engineering has also penetrated into other areas like healthcare, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc. Wireless Communications play a significant roles in our daily lives. The private sectors are preferring ECE students as well. Servo Motor : types and working principle explained. The discipline typically also designs passive electrical … And a lot of these industries are established in Gulf countries, Germany, China, Canada etc. Er. You can attend any hands-on workshops or do some project-based courses to kick-start your learning of advanced technologies. So students pursuing electronics and communication engineering have a lot of scope in varied industries. Supports open access. The role of the Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to provide scientific and professional activity for its members in Canada, the CJECE complements international journals and will be of particular interest to anyone involved in research and development activities in the field of electrical and computer engineering.. Electrical Engineering has a wide scope in today’s industry and has been subdivided into various specializations like – Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and, Electrical Engineering. In Closing, Eckovation is one such platform which encourages online learning and has many project-based courses on the leading technologies of the world. May 21, 2018 May 21, 2018 Akshat Goel. Please check your email for further instructions. With the advent of latest technological innovations, new opportunities came into existence for electronics & communication engineers. During each semester, students will have to face different sets of theoretical subjects as well as practical lab sessions associated with them. The ECE Department is within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto. Electronics Engineers who are specialized in Control & Power Systems can find good opportunities in Japan, Germany, US & Korea. The aim of students pursuing electronics engineering is to get a highly paid job, so improving skill sets will definitely impact their pay scale a lot. Electronics communication and information engineering has wide scope in the fields of electronics engineering, communication engineering and information technology. IoT crept into almost every sphere of technology, be it Healthcare, Home appliances , or Security systems. Individuals with this kind of career have a median annual salary of nearly $100,000. Electronics engineering, or electronic engineering, is an engineering discipline which utilizes non-linear and active electrical components (such assemiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits) to design electronic circuits, devices, Microprocessors/Microcontrollers andsystems including VHDL Modelling for Programmable logic devices and FPGAs. Thanks for subscribing! Now that we are familiar with the scope of Electronics and Communication, it is time to talk about why ECE is one of the best disciplines to choose. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Electrical engineering is a profession that uses science, technology, and problem-solving skills to design, construct, and maintain products, services, and information systems. Earlier in this article, we reviewed the wide range of career opportunities offered by ECE. There is also a variety of job roles available in multi-disciplinary streams which an electronics engineer can take up. The latest technologies include self-driving cars, autonomous drone logistics, robotics, automation in industries, smart energy systems etc. Electronics students with skills in robotics, automation technologies, renewable energies, Internet of Things (IoT), mechatronics engineering concepts add more value to their average pay scale. Computers & Electrical Engineering. What is BTech Electrical and Computer Engineering? Electronics and Communication Engineering branch deals with analog transmission, digital transmission, reception of video, voice and data, basic electronics, solid state devices, microprocessors, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. This field deals with the construction, utilization, and control of machines that can replicate human motions. Furthermore this is also the reason that a lot of industries choose to prefer Electronics and Communications engineers over other engineers. We at Eckovation value your feedback! An Acronym for Very Large-Scale Integration, VLSI is the phenomenon of integrating hundreds of thousands of transistors on a single Silicon Microchip. Taking the educational scope and career choices into consideration, here are the popular areas of study in the field of Electronics and Communication. ECIL (Electronics Corporation of India Limited). Remember, learning is a life long process. VLSI was one of the biggest contributions to Electronics and Communication.