Double Double for those who don't know is 2 sugars and 2 creams in coffee or tea. Customer: “They should round up all the gays and put them down.” Me: “That would be bad for me, seeing as I am a lesbian.” (The woman turns pale and walks out without saying a word. ... "I prefer to outsmart rude customers. “I’m a manager at a grocery store, so I get awesomely rude customers on a daily. Working in customer service means dealing with rude customers’ many foibles and complaints but shouldn’t entail dealing with walking human nightmares. Ways waiters get revenge on awful customers. I prepared the rude customer a medium coffee, single single. For the most part, we can swallow our anger and put up with it ... after all, its just one customer, and … I've worked in retail for so long. While you're taught to be professional on the job, sometimes it can be too difficult to hold back. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pettyrevenge community. The redditor shared this encounter with a rude lady who mistook him for a staff member. This story is all too familiar to my day to day life there. Me: Good afternoon! I'll would tell her the amount and stick my hand out for her payment and she would always throw her money on the counter. didn’t even bother correcting/checking with customers about nomenclature of sizes. The customer isn't always right! This week, we've got even more stories of servers' revenge against horrible customers and co-workers. Canadian Eh! They may be in the minority, but this is also the time of year that customers tend to go nuts while they’re shopping. Service Workers Reveal How They Got Revenge On Rude Customers (19 Images) NEXT GALLERY; Elon Musk Donating 1 Million Dollars to Plant Trees Memes Are All Over Reddit RELATED MEDIA. 15 Times Waiters Took Their Sweet Revenge On Rude Customers. If customers want product A, you should sell product A, even if you think product B is better. Instead of putting the two bills for six dollars in my hand, he tossed it at me. The customer is always right? Keep in mind, I'm one of the best customer service people we have at my store, and I get compliments on being peppy and cheerful almost every day, so know that I wasn't rude to him first. From racist tirades, to sexist banter, to every kind of dehumanizing situation you can imagine, waiters and waitresses have to put up with the worst of the worst behavior, inflicted on them by the very people they're expected to give service with a smile to. Needless to say, Wednesdays are tense. The man who was on the receiving end of the rude gesture decided he would pay for the impatient woman's food - and eat it too. Of course I had to call the whole “tall, grande, venti” as part of the drink order to the barista, but when someone would say, “is that a regular?” I’d just reply “yeah, that’s our version of regular”. How do servers go about getting revenge on terrible customers? I prepared the rude customer a medium coffee, single single. If you've already counted coins out in your hand and ignore the cashiers outstretched hand to put it on the counter and make them scrabble to pick it up, that's a bit rude. Edit: friendly reminder this is petty revenge, not AITA. Restaurant Employees Who Took Their Revenge On Terrible Customers. I have a friend and we went to cvs once and he just put his money on the counter for the cashier to pick it up. Please, thank you and generally being polite gets you farther in life but some people are just mean and spiteful. ... reddit, revenge, staff, Supermarket, viral, Woman mistakes someone for employee; Follow. Me: *types in a medium sized number 9* Okay, and what size drink did you want? People on Reddit who work retail jobs shared stories about the rude customers that almost made them go off and they're pretty entertaining. Also if you throw your money at me I'm throwing the change back at you, it takes 2 seconds not to be a dick. I throw it on the counter and make sure it landed on the floor. ... Retail Worker’s Christmas Revenge Story Proves Being Petty Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself; Previous 1 2 3. I really don't care if my work ethic at … I worked at a certain snotty coffee shop for four years when I was in high school/college, and didn’t even bother correcting/checking with customers about nomenclature of sizes when I was on register. “I work in customer service and have no shortage of asshole customers. You have to be 55-60 to qualify for the discount. You have to be 55-60 to qualify for the discount. Or does it depend on the attitude that goes with it? As always, these are real e-mails from real readers. Advertisement. As someone who worked retail, I always try to be polite to food service people.