6. Try smiling at your customers in line and asking them about their day to strike up a friendly conversation. 3. Repetitive stress injuries. Cashier (Former Employee) - Baton Rouge, LA - December 1, 2020. How about the stress your direct boss has, the stress your manager has? A stressful cashier job? Arm and wrist injuries. 1. Muscle pulls. ... “Instead of simply teaching children, teachers must simultaneously parent and counsel all while navigating the stressful terrain often found in the bureaucracy of school districts. seeing someone attractive approaching your till. It’s no secret that the number of jobs available to teenagers in our area is limited, and although cashier jobs around here are usually always hiring, the stress and agony of being a cashier simply isn’t worth it. A few of the qualities of a good cashier include being kind, friendly, and helpful. 11:36 PM - 11 Jun 14 Reply Retweet Favorite. Back problems. I was a fast-food worker. Yes, being a bank teller can be stressful. cashier problems@ProCashier Follow. A teller must follow procedures very carefully. People think being a cashier is so easy just scanning groceries but it’s the hardest job in the store. Let me tell you about burnout. It’s hard physically because you have to stand beside a cash register for hours on end. When I was new to Target I was also terrified of being a cashier, but now I find it to be the most boring job in the store. Tips -You don’t have to talk to guests besides hello, your total is, and have a good day. Find out all about the 7 common cashier injuries and how to avoid them. Fun but stressful . Also, empaths pick up people’s emotions and stress, which can make them sick. It can be hard mentally due to the repetitive nature of scanning and bagging items over and over again. Cashiering is not difficult at all, but sometimes it can get tedious, exhausting, stressful, and/or boring. They say everyday is a new day, but when you work as a cashier, this doesn’t feel like the truth. Indeed, you have Friday evenings and Saturdays but you have a compensation for those hours, don't you? Try not to complain about work or other people so you don't come off as bratty or mean. One man said, “Being a cashier at Walmart nearly gave me an anxiety attack. im also working at a bakery, the work is to hard and i was wondering if dropping my bakery job for the cashier position would be worth it.for those who dont know about bakery positions, it is hell! Cashier First on the list and with an average yearly pay of $18,600, 46% of cashiers say they regret their job. However, working as a cashier can have its dangers since cashiers are particularly at risk for injuries from muscle strain to fatigue. Fatigue. There are a lot of factors at play, and there is a significant amount of risk when dealing with large sums of cash. i have cashier training at walmart tomorrow and i am pretty nervous, i want to know what to expect tomorrow. 10. ash murda @ash_areopagita. Pinched nerves. As technology ratchets up the stress, low-wage jobs have become some of the hardest in America. Being a cashier is a hard job both physically and mentally. 7. 5. 4. anyways, i want to know what to be expecting, help me out please. Many of the officers have 9-9 jobs or 7-9 jobs and no time to eat and people with authority nagging them. 2.